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Are you struggling to generate more referrals?

Do you offer great products and services to your clients and customers, but they just don’t seem to refer you to their friends
and associates?

On this call, Bernadette is joined by David Frey, who will reveal a simple, proven method for tripling the referrals you’re currently receiving, with very little extra effort.

Be sure to include this call in your calendar and start exploding your business by generating more referrals.


Tuesday, 5th October, 2010

8:00pm UK Time (3pm EASTERN, 12 noon PACIFIC)

TOPIC:   *Explode Your Business With Referrals*

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I look forward to "meeting" you on our call.

Best Wishes
Bernadette Doyle

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Creating a high-end coaching program doesn't require special training. It's something that anyone can do, with enough expertise and the right approach. How do you know what a high-end coaching program should look like? Consider joining a similar group to get an idea of how it operates from the inside, and take away valuable information about how you can structure and format your offering.

think and dream bigFind a Similar Group and Join It
Once you've really decided to expand your offerings and create bigger programs where you'll get more actively involved with clients, it's time to think about what to offer and how you can offer it. What is a top-level coaching program supposed to include? One of the best techniques for starting a high-end coaching program is to find a similar group - and join it.

The idea is not to join a group and steal all of its techniques and resources. You might want a group that relates to a totally different industry than you'll be covering, or even a group that works with how to create and market high-end coaching programs. The point is to find a group and join it so you'll experience how a group like this operates, and get take-away points for your own planning.

Get an Insider View of What You're Offering
Joining a high-end coaching program gives you an insider view of what you're offering. This provides an opportunity for you to watch an expert in action, and look at how someone established is offering their programs to participants. This gives you an insider perspective of the types of things that need to be included in a program like this. It might also give you tips and techniques that improve your business overall, or as related to the program you intend to create.

Joining a high-end coaching program can give you valuable take-away points to implement in your own program. You may find that you really like something the mentor offers, or you may decide that something lacked information or you'd rather see something presented in a different way. Look at both the good things and the things you didn't like about the program, and find ways to integrate that knowledge into the program you're developing for your own clients. This can help you evaluate your potential offering with an insider's perspective, and better gauge what clients might like or want and what might not provide value to your clients.

Think of a High-End Coaching Program as an Investment
If you join a high-end coaching program to get a better idea of what to offer in your own program, think of it as an investment. Having this inside knowledge can help you better craft your own program to appeal to your clients, which can create better testimonials and generate interest and buzz among your potential prospects. By having your own experience with a top-level program, you know what clients expect and you can create a program that provides real value for your clients. This benefits everyone involved, and you might just find other aspects of your business improving as a result of the program!

Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients. If you want to get clients calling you instead of you calling them, sign up for her free weekly e-zine at

Loving your job?   Loving your business?   OR does it feel like you're still having to suffer through the more undesirable aspects of your work?   I once believed as long as you generally enjoyed your profession, and was rewarded for it, you would still need to take care of those elements and some tasks that you dislike doing.   Well, things have changed and this no longer has to be true.


In order to create the type of magnetism that attracts prospective clients to you, you must find that one thing that you're inherently intended to do and eliminate the rest.   With so many resources available to every one of us, there really is no excuse to continue to do OR continue procrastinate on those things we hate to do. But, you might ask, "How can I find that one thing I'm meant to do?"   You can start with your current business.   Here's how:

•      Make a list of all of the tasks that you're responsible for in your business.   Often, it can be hard to call up every duty, so it can be helpful to keep a daily log.

•      Assign a love factor to each task.   Is it your favorite?   Do you want to do it first every day because it makes you feel fulfilled?   Or is it the one you detest?   The one you try to avoid?

•      Isolate the tasks that you detest and ask yourself if those tasks can be eliminated.   Can you redesign your business' purpose to cut them from your routine?

•      If the detested duties are necessary duties, start, right away, to find another way to get them done.   Hire someone.   Automate them.   Anything that will eliminate the negative energy from your daily repertoire.

If this process has been completed efficiently, you will be left with one main task…the one that you're absolutely wild about.

The laws of positive energy dictate that you'll be paid more for those tasks which you enjoy the most. Once you can figure out what you're good at, and do that thing exclusively, you'll realize more success than you had when you were bogged down doing all of the other false necessities.

Another point to remember is though many of us would like to believe that our business lives and our personal lives can be maintained separately, with a definitive line dividing the two, it's nearly impossible to isolate them.   If there are things in your personal life that drag you down (laundry, cooking, cleaning), then do what you can to justify hiring someone to do them for you.   The positive energy that you'll create in your personal life will spill over into your professional life, multiplying the magnetism that you create.

Just loving your general profession or business is never enough to warrant truthfulness from the statement, "I love my work."     In order for your magnetism to be IRRESISTIBLE to potential clients, you must love every aspect of your business, even if that means whittling it down to one, exclusive task.

Do what you love, and only what you love…and others will love the idea of becoming part of your magnetic field of success.

Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients. If you want to get clients calling you instead of you calling them, sign up for her free weekly e-zine at

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