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It's important to have a work/life balance.

It's important to have a work/life balance.

Do you sometimes feel that if you work one less hour your business might fail? Do you feel that putting in long hours is essential to succeed? I used to believe that. In fact that's how I used to work. But I don't believe that anymore. I found a better way to work, one that brings me more revenue and allows me more free time. If you can adapt this model to your business you will soon see that you also don't need to be working 80-hour weeks in order to be successful.

A Smarter Way to Work

There are many successful business people who will tell you that success demands sacrifice. They tell you to sacrifice your time, energy and knowledge if your want to build a successful business. You need to sacrifice time with your family or time for recreation. They also tell you that the sacrifice is worth it.   Yet as many people know and have experienced, this isn't always the case. Business people that put in the long hours often end up with strained family relationships, simply because they were never around. Now if your family and friends are important to you (as they are for me).   If you value your leisure time and want to enjoy a more balanced lifestyle then you need to take a different approach to business. Building a business around the "information empire model" is one way in which your business can really start to work for you.

I believe that you have unique talents, knowledge and expertise. I believe that if we hone in on those skills we will find gold nuggets of such incredible value. You can then use that value to grow your business with far less effort than what the long hour strategy demands. One of my clients Mary is a coach who specializes in working with creative people to grow their businesses. When I asked her why she wanted to attend my workshop on building an information empire she had an interesting answer. She said that she was coaching, but she never had enough clients or enough revenue. She was barely covering her costs yet it felt like pure hard work. She had taken on a house mortgage and she knew that she had to get serious about making money. She had to find a smarter way to generate revenue that wasn't such a slog. Mary attended the workshop and implemented some strategies. A short while later her business started to turn. Now it is working for her and instead of Mary having to put in all the hard work and long hours.

Why Long Hours aren't always best:

•      80 hour weeks do not guarantee success. You can be putting in all the hard work and still not be getting the results you want.
•      Working long hours takes you away from your family and isolates you from social circles. This can have a negative impact on your emotional health.
•      Working long hours usually cuts into your leisure time when you should be exercising or doing things to maintain a good level of physical fitness and health.
•      Hard work is an admirable work ethic, but it is only effective if it is coupled with working smart at the same time.

There is a common belief that long hours and hard work are the only way to be successful in business. Yet I believe that there is a better model for success. When you start to learn the value you bring to your business and create an information empire, you can get your business to do the hard work for you instead.

Do you realize just how much your knowledge is worth? You are the first and most important part of your business. Do you realize just how unique you are? If we were to sit down to chat and I asked you about your life and business experience I doubt it will be a carbon copy of what someone else has shared with me. You are absolutely unique, I'm certain of that. Perhaps the issue is not whether you can charge a certain amount for your services or products. It is rather just how much faith do you have in your uniqueness?

A while back, on one of my teleseminar calls, I invited some clients to share their stories.   They had attended my information empire workshop and had implemented specific strategies as a result.   If you were on that call, you would have heard me speak with one of my clients, Gail.   During the interview, Gail revealed something very interesting. She said that it was some of the little things that actually highlighted how she valued herself (or under-valued herself).

Gail is a life coach who works with professional and amateur golfers. She helps them to improve their mental game. One of the things Gail realised in coming on the workshop was how many little things she was doing to please clients and other people. She wouldn't think twice of driving out to clients or travelling to a seminar. It wasn't that those were bad things. But when she heard me talking about doing business on my terms, that I ran the workshop in my home town because it was convenient for me, she wondered why she'd never considered that for her business. Gail realised that she had personal beliefs that were undervaluing her business as a result.   She realised it was possible for her to work on her terms. She just needed to value her uniqueness and what she was offering her clients.

LOrealBecauseYourWorthItScr-300x224I love the tag line in the Loreal adverts that say €˜Because I'm worth it!’ That's what you need to be saying to yourself. Have more faith in your uniqueness.

Developing Faith in your Uniqueness

•      Are you pricing your products low because you think that will attract more clients? Is that their true value? Or should they really be at a much higher price level?
•      Do you find yourself bending over backwards to accommodate clients? Is that really beneficial to your business or could you be doing things some other way?
•      Do you question why people would want to pay to listen to you or buy your products? If that is the case it's a sure sign that you don't have much faith in your uniqueness.
•      Do your personal beliefs sometimes make you hesitate to take a step forward in business?
•      Is there a mentor or coach you could work with that can help you find your true value as part of your business? Sometimes changing the small things can make a big impact on the way you do business.

You are the first essential element in building your business to greater heights. Your knowledge is unique to you and because of that it has a value. If you question what to charge or if you can really set certain systems in place then maybe it's your beliefs that need changing. Have more faith in your uniqueness. It is on that that you will build the value of your business.

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at


Has the passion and excitement about being in business been snuffed out by all the work that is involved with it?

Many entrepreneurs start their businesses with great excitement. They pour all their energy and effort into the business and make all kinds of sacrifices. But one day they realize that it just isn't fun anymore. Somewhere along the line all the passion and excitement about getting in new business has been snuffed out by all the work that is involved with it. Has that ever happened to you? Maybe if you are reading this, that's exactly how you feel right now. Maybe more than anything you just want to start to enjoy your business once again.

What went wrong?

My guess, if that's what you are feeling right now, is that you are spending your days doing tasks that you don't really enjoy. Perhaps you feel you are not very good at them. Perhaps you just find them tedious. Either way work has become a daily grind. The sad thing is that most business literature will tell you that sacrifice is part of being successful. That you can't always do the things you love or are good at. So you simply accept that that is the way things have to be. Before you know it your business is grinding to a halt because you have become so bogged down in accepting the suffering part of your job and there really isn't any enjoyment in it anymore.

I honestly don't believe that has to be the case. Why can't you spend your days doing what you love? Why shouldn't you enjoy your business for many years to come?   If you are serious about wanting to enjoy your business once again you need to take some critical views of what you are doing. Analyze what you are doing on a daily basis. Write down a list of all the tasks. Then next to each one rank how good you are at it and how much you enjoy it. What it will probably show is that you are spending most of your time doing things you don't enjoy. Now you need to look at which of those tasks could be outsourced. When you start to get rid of the things that bog down your day you may feel that spring in your step returning. As you start to focus your time on doing the things you love what you are really doing is building on your strengths. When you do this, you can start to enjoy your business once again.

Why enjoying your Business is Important

•      When you enjoy what you do you feel positive and energized. This energy is often contagious and attracts clients to you.
•      When you are doing things that you are good at, you are building on your strengths. Your work is more rewarding and ultimately more enjoyable.
•      When you enjoy your business your mind is more open to opportunities to learn and develop your business.
•      A business should be about more than just making money. It should serve your lifestyle as well.

Don't think that because you run a business that it can't be fun. If you are investing so much time and effort into your business then you should be enjoying it.   You give incredible value to your business. So in return it should serve you. Your business should give you the financial and lifestyle rewards that you dream of. Believe that business should be enjoyed.

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

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