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Social media is a fantastic way to promote events, your business, your services or anything that might be relevant to your followers. You can use social media to help promote existing events, plan new events or as a supplement for other methods of promotion. With the right techniques, you can spread the word quickly via social media and reach far more people than you would with traditional promotion techniques.

Using Social Media as a Supplement to Other Advertising Avenues
Social media works great as an advertising technique by itself, or as a supplement to other advertising avenues. When you use social media, you can instantly reach out to hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people via instant social media "lists." This enables you to reach users via various social networking techniques, but it doesn't capture people who don't use social media.

Social media promotion works best in conjunction with other advertising avenues. Social media is a great follow-up to an email list or physical mailing. In this way, using a multi-faceted approach, you can reach the maximum number of people via their preferred avenues. This enables you to reach out to people who use email but not social media, or people who will follow you via social media but are uncomfortable distributing their email addresses.

Rules for Promoting via Social Media
Promoting via social media is generally acceptable, but you should follow a few general etiquette rules when you promote. Don't promote constantly, and spam your followers with nothing but promotions. You need to provide value in your social media updates to your followers, and if your use of social media is entirely self-serving, you'll lose followers who see through your techniques.

Mix your promotions with useful information and other updates to avoid overwhelming your social media contacts. For example, you might want to promote calls no more than 10 percent of the time when you're using social media, and make sure you're contributing to conversations and providing useful information the rest of the time.

When you do promote, avoid doing it in a self-serving manner.   Find ways to work your promotion into conversation, and it will seem less self-serving and can actually help convey your personality to your followers.

Send Great Quotes to Twitter
One great technique for promotion is to Tweet great quotes. If you have a fantastic quote from an event or a call, Tweet it to your followers. If the people on your list like the quote, they will re-Tweet it to their followers. You could reach hundreds or thousands of people who aren't on your call if you send great quotes to Twitter, and your followers re-Tweet them.

Social media is a great promotion tool, but if you use it poorly, it can actually harm your marketing efforts. Remember, social media promotion works best in conjunction with other tools, so you can capture the maximum possible audience for your events, products or services.   Confine your promotions to a small percentage of your social media content, and avoid overwhelming your followers with self-serving promotion. Send great quotes to Twitter for your followers to re-Tweet, and you will grow interest about your product or business.

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