Wondering where to find your next clients? This is probably the question I hear most often when working with small business owners. And while the answer to ‘where to find clients’ is different for every business, these 5 tips can show you where to find the clients you want.

1. Start with your EXISTING clients

It’s said that birds of a feather flock together, so start by asking your existing clients. What publications do they read? Which clubs are they members of? Where do they shop? You might be surprised at the common themes which emerge. These can be important clues of where to find the clients you want.

2. If you want to know WHERE to find clients, you need to know WHO you’re looking for

Be specific about WHO you are targeting. The more specific you can be - the easier it will be to know where find your ideal clients. Think in terms of demographics eg age, location, job title and psychographics eg hobbies, interests and preferences. Even if you think that your target market is ‘everyone’, some people are more likely to invest in what you have to offer than others, so take the time to figure this out.

3. Ask yourself ‘Who ALREADY has a relationship with the people that I want to reach’?

There’s a good chance that someone, somewhere has already invested time and money finding the clients that you want. Can you ‘piggyback’ off those relationships to help you find your ideal clients? For example, if you are a dating coach and your target audience is successful career women, could you strike a deal with a personal stylist who already has a relationship with your target clients?

4. Ask yourself, is this audience ‘affordably reachable’?

With enough time and money, there’s no doubt that you can find and reach as many clients as you want! But you need to ask yourself whether this audience is ‘affordably reachable’. If it costs you more in advertising or time to find your ideal clients then you may need to rethink your offer and price points.

5. ‘I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, but I am saying it’s worth it’

Despite the fact that so many small business owners ask me where to find their ideal clients, most people aren’t willing to do the work to figure this out. Choose to be the exception. Take the time to apply the above tips and you’ll get some instant answers on where to find the clients you want.


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