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‘I love my Reiki practice but it often feels like a struggle to find clients, how can I help my business thrive?’


I have heard this question many, many times in the 16 years that I’ve been helping practitioners to attract more clients. People often tell me that they are worried about becoming ‘too commercial’ and tell me that they would rather grow business organically – or let spirit bring them business. My response to that is how can you expect spirit to bring you business if you don’t participate in the spirit of business?


As a Reiki practictioner you have a unique gift that can make a big difference to others. If you don’t commit to sharing your gift with the widest possible audience – it’s not just YOU who loses out – the people who need your help will lose out too.


If you are serious about growing your Reiki practice you need to invest as much time – if not more- marketing your practice as you do in developing your ability as a Reiki practitioner. That means recognizing that you have a business – not an expensive hobby - and treating yourself AND your business seriously.


I’ve noticed that the people who struggle to fill their practice do what I call ‘spray and pray’ marketing. That means they try a few different things, keeping their fingers crossed, and then panic when their results are haphazard and random.


Growing your business this way doesn’t just affect your bank balance; it can erode your confidence in your practice. It is demoralizing when you know you have something that can make a huge difference to others, and yet you can’t find the clients you want to share it with.


The good news is, there IS a way to consistently attract the clients you want, without selling out or becoming too commercial. First you need to get really clear on who your target client is. The more specific you can be about who your target client is, the easier it will be to FIND them – and do effective targeted advertising and promotion.


Next, you’ll get most from the time and money you invest in marketing if you do what I call ‘multi-step’ marketing. That means getting the people who are MOST likely to buy what you offer to ‘raise their hands’ first, and then you focus on helping those ‘raised hands’ to become paying customers and clients.


An easy way to do this is to offer something free which is related to your Reiki offering, such as a talk delivered locally, or a free report, something which promises immediate value at relatively low risk for your prospective client.


Be willing to invest to grow your client base. Too many people suffer from no business because they just aren’t doing what they need to do to get the word out about what they offer. Think about the life-time value of a client when you are calculating your marketing budget. A £50 ad may seem expensive if you expect it to produce just one client paying £50 for a session. But if that client were to come and see you once a month for the next 12 months that means their total value to you as a client over the next 12 months is actually £600.


Encourage repeat business by developing packages of sessions to offer your clients, or simply adding this 7 word sentence to the end of your sessions ‘Would you like to book another appointment’. You need to understand that your clients are looking for you to take the lead and tell them what to do next – in the words of marketing guru Jay Abraham ‘people are silently begging to be led’.


Filling your Reiki practice doesn’t have to be a struggle. When you follow the right steps you can grow a business you love, that loves you back!


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Let me tell you a story.

Recently one of my friends was asking me about how to get more clients, why nothing she was doing was working even though she was doing everything “right”, and what should she do? So I asked her a few questions and within about 5 minutes it was obvious what the problem was.

It’s a problem a LOT of people have.

Chances are you have this problem, too.

I know I used to have it.

And until I fixed it, I was constantly frustrated, scared and broke, desperate for clients.

What problem did my friend have?

Believe it or not — focus.

Those who know how to focus their time and energy on the right things are swimming in success and opportunity. It doesn’t matter if you’re President Obama, Richard Branson or a working mum trying to juggle career and family. Those who don’t know how to focus their time and energy on the right things (97% of business owners) are almost always broke, struggling or even desperate.

And guess what?

I’m going to show you how to use this power to your advantage.

The way people like Branson and Obama do.

The way successful men and women who clear 7 figures per year do.

And the way YOU can, too — starting right away.

This is probably the easiest way to get booked solid with all the paying clients you can handle (so many you might even have to put them on a “waiting list”) as quickly as possible.

This info has been worth tens of thousands to me personally.

And I could easily charge a $500 or more for teaching what I know about it.

But, I’m giving it to you free.

Here’s how:

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  • How to get into action with your own ‘client attracting system’ quickly

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