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How to land lucrative corporate contracts and make an extra $5,000 - $20,000 per month

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…Big corporations spend billions buying just about every type of service imaginable €” including coaching, consulting, marketing, training, motivational speaking – even massage therapy!

The question is do YOU know how to tap into this lucrative opportunity?

Many small business owners admit that they don't know where to start when it comes to winning business from large companies. Even seasoned veterans, when pressed, admit that their best contracts often came down to luck, referral or €˜being in the right place at the right time'.

But it doesn't have to be this way. I'm Bernadette Doyle, and over the years I've won business with clients like Norwich Union, Tesco Personal Finance, AIG, Blue Arrow, BT, Lex Vehicle leasing and many more….These successes weren't down to luck, but the results of a PROVEN SYSTEM I've fine-tuned for winning business in large companies. But I don't expect you to take my word for it. I'd like to give you the opportunity to €˜Test Drive' my system for yourself, at absolutely NO RISK.

Here are just 5 of the strategies I'll reveal…

• How to ‘get your foot in the door’…without cold calling, networking or waiting for referrals (follow my advice and you’ll have qualified decision makers calling YOU instead)

• Why ‘small’ doesn’t have to be a disadvantage when approaching large companies … and actually has a number of hidden advantages if you know how to play it the right way (you will by the end of this call)

• Why cold calling can kill your business - and the strategies you need to use for maximum growth instead

• How to play and WIN the ‘internal politics’ game … how to prevent your business proposals from getting stalled by ‘politics’ or vetoed by ‘Head Office’

• How to shorten the sales cycle … reduce the time between first meeting and getting paid (plus a couple of other techniques that will put money in the bank faster)

All you need to participate in this Masterclass is your PHONE. Register FREE here:

In most circumstances, your squeeze page (or opt-in page) should be a standalone page. When a visitor clicks on your site, they should have no option other than to sign up for your offer. That is the single, primary purpose of a squeeze page.

This rule applies well to individual clients. But, if you want to capture the attention and the sale of corporate clients, the rules of online pages vary slightly.

While the objective of your page remains the same - getting the opt-in - the approach to that goal is a bit different because your target market is different.

Businesses want more details about the company they are considering giving their business to.   They want to know about you, your methods and your track record when reviewing your proposal and referring colleagues to your page.

Corporations require all the information you can provide to assure them they have done their homework and that you are the best choice to fulfill their need. If you give them nothing but a squeeze page to base their decision on, they will look for someone who tells them more.

To attract corporate clients, your page should include a link to an informational brochure that provides supporting information, lends credibility and gives your business a bit of branding.

These informational pages that you use for selling to businesses may be sites that you don't publicize to the general public. But, complex sales that involve multiple decision makers require these supporting pages.

The information on these pages should include your testimonials, case studies, and lots and lots of reassurance. Many corporate decisions are based on making improvement to their company while maintaining the status quo. Since that is one of the most important things to your potential clients, your connecting pages should address how your services can work in conjunction with them while enhancing the company's overall performance.

The wording on these brochure pages is very important. In my Attract Corporate Clients program, I include a special bonus called Inside the Mind of the Corporate Buyer. It's a resource designed to assist you with finding the best words and language for your web pages.   Presenting your information with well-researched, impacting vocabulary will get you the results you want when selling to corporate.

If corporate clients are your market, make sure you're giving them more – more information about you, more details about what you can do for them and more assurance that you are the right choice.

Give them all they need to click submit and select your services.

Want to learn more about attracting Corporate Clients? Read about Bernadette’s new Attract Corporate Clients program:

If you could put a figure on the net results your programmes, coaching services or training would have on a company, when implemented,   what would that price be?

How much money can what you are offering save or make your client? This is what larger companies and corporations want to know.

When you are pitching your product or services in a corporate environment, always emphasize and focus on what the net benefit to the company will be. Will your offering increase their overall sales? Reduce expenses and costs? Will it make their staff more efficient and productive, thus saving the company valuable time – and money?

It's relatively easy to calculate straightway the cost that lost sales have on a company. However, there are other factors by which companies need to measure net results.

Maybe your business specializes in softer skills, such as leadership, management and employee development. To quantify that, you need to zero in on the tangible results the company will receive from your skills. Show corporations how they will be able to conduct more effective meetings because of your trainings; how they will receive more productive feedback because your workshops will teach staff to communicate more clearly.

Highlight the long-term implications that services similar to the ones you offer have on other companies. Gather statistics and give examples of how retention rates in companies improve because of the type of workshops you present and the skills you teach.

Statistics for all sorts of elements come into play here. Lost sales, sick leave, lack of focus, clique problems. You can gather research on many different challenges and problems that big companies face, then use that as a starting point and connect the dots to the cost savings for the company.

You can start gathering your statistics online.   Search relevant phrases and you're sure to find that someone, somewhere did a survey and quantified the results that can be achieved.   Obviously, you should quote your source.

Here's an example to demonstrate …

"This survey from _____showed that 45% of employees who leave an organization reported poor management as the main reason for leaving. When asked to clarify "poor management" it turns out that one of the things identified was poor feedback."

After you state the facts, you then share the conclusion that poor feedback is costing their organization X amount of dollars.

Though you may deliver your product or service to a different end user than the head management of a company, in the end, your corporate clients will make the decision to go with you based on the impact your services will have on their bottom line.

That's why when pitching your service or product in a corporate environment you need to spell out the net results that will be achieved.   Back it up with the data and statistics that support your offering. Show your prospect how they will benefit – bottom line -   and watch the sales flow in!

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