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Have you ever had the feeling that you need to do something, and you need to do something now! That is an example of a pressing need. Too often a pressing need drives a desperation that can cloud your judgment when making decisions. When it is a desperate need that drives and guides you when making a decision, instead of a desire of your heart, you could be making a big mistake. What you think is taking a leap of faith, may actually be a leap of fear. But a leap is always scary, so how do you know the difference?

1.   Start by Being Honest With Yourself …
Taking a leap of faith is putting your trust in something that you believe in. You take action because you have a level of confidence that it will work out.   Yes, there maybe some fear mixed in there because there is no guarantee that it will work out. But it is faith mixed with fear, it is not panic and fear. This is something that you cannot fake and you need to really be honest with yourself. If you examine your motives you should quickly be able to figure out if you are making the decision in faith or out of fear. The problem with taking a leap out of fear is that your heart is not really in it. It is something you feel you MUST do rather than something you have a desire to do.

Acting out of fear also shows desperation. When you are desperate you won't be thinking clearly. You will have this huge problem hanging over your head making you worry.   So any decisions you make at that point will be clouded by the problem you are facing. You will be thinking of the consequences of not taking the leap rather than the benefits of taking the leap.

2. Let Your Desire For Change Drive You …
Most of the time when you take a leap of fear it doesn't work out and that leaves you even worse off than before. It's essential that you are honest with yourself when making a decision. Make your decisions and take that that leap out of a desire for change and not out of a desperate need. You don't want that need to be clouding your judgment.     You want clear purposeful goals in mind.

3. Monitor Your Motive …
•       What is your heart saying when you think about the decision? Aside from the nerves, is there a burning desire to take the leap? Or do you feel you must take action because there is no alternative? There should always be a desire behind a leap, that's a positive sign that it's a leap of faith.

•       Is it a pressing need that is egging you on or is it something that you can approach with a level of confidence? A leap of faith should be something you approach with confidence. If all you feel is worry and fear then it may not be a good idea to proceed.

•       Are you thinking clearly? Can you envision the benefits you want from taking the leap and know why you want to do it? The desire in your heart will drive your leap and give you the confidence to take it because you will know what you want.

•       Do you feel desperate? That is a sign that you could be leaping in fear and not faith. Stop and rethink the decision to leap and the direction of the leap.

When you have a pressing need making you worry it is difficult to think clearly. Most often you can be overcome with a sense of desperation and that can lead to bad decision making. You may leap at anything that promises to change your situation rather than it being something that will really benefit you. My advice, make decisions to leap when you know your motive is right and you're doing it with a clear, achievable objective in mind.

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Your business – the stepping stone to your dreams.

Why are you in business?

The usual answer to that question is to make a lot of money. The problem is that usually people get so drawn in to their businesses and the task of making money that they often have time for little else.

What happened to the dreams when you started out? Or that annual month-long vacation you wanted to take or the idea of only working three days a week?

The Trading Time for Money Business Model

Many professionals are in the business of trading time for money. You may provide a consulting service where you charge per hour. Now while that can seem to be a great model, the problem comes in that there is a limit to your capacity. At some point you are either going to have to change the way you work, bring on more staff or accept that your earnings will be capped. A few years back that was how I operated my business. I was trading 90% of my time for money. I was successful but I got to a stage where I didn't want to be so tied to my business. I wanted my business to start working for me. I wanted to start working fewer hours and travelling less. But at the same time I wanted my business to continue growing. That meant changing my business model to products and leveraged programs so that there were fewer demands on my time.

Now this is not something that is easy or that you can expect to happen overnight without facing challenges and obstacles.   But it is something that is possible. By following some proven strategies you can be doubling and tripling your revenues each year while putting in fewer work hours.

Four Strategies that can make your Business Work for You

• Create a premier program for your clients. It must offer maximum value and will usually require a high level of your personal input, but it will come with a premium price tag. This will make the hours you put in most valuable.

Create big pay day events that can generate you large volumes on income in a very short space of time. These events can boost your annual earnings quite considerably.

Find ways to generate continuous streams of revenue so that you are not constantly having to source new business. Find ways of selling more to the same customer base over tie.

Create a product that sells on its own without requiring much input from you. This can be something that generates valuable income for your business. This is one of the best ways to make your business work for you.

No matter what type of business you are in, there are ways in which you can work smarter so that your business is working for you rather than the other way around. Learning to implement smart strategies in your business can help you to optimise your working time and capacity so that you are not tied to you business but that it still grows and provides you with the lifestyle you dream of.

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