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Many believe that it's important to stay ahead of the competition by using the latest in newsletter distribution, social networking strategies, and web traffic steering.   I often hear people say, "I'm doing everything right, but I'm just not seeing the results".   It's true, struggling business owners often claim that they're doing "everything right", but if they're not enjoying client abundance and the relaxation that comes with steady, predictable, and secure income, they aren't.

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Modern times dictate the "right things," but unless newsletters, social media, blogs, seminars, and articles are used as supplements to the basics of client attraction, they will do nothing for you, and can even distract your attention from what is essential.

Review each of the questions below and use your answers to assess if you're succeeding or missing a step in your marketing efforts.   These are the indicators that you could be missing one or more of those all-important client attraction steps.

Are you relying on luck, or the "spray and pray method"? If you're simply keeping the bill collectors at bay, and you're still looking ahead for the next clients to present themselves, you're missing a basic step.

Do you feel completely secure in your business? If you have fear, if you find yourself looking backward with regret and forward with apprehension, you have missed a very important marketing step.

• When committing your time to modern marketing methods like social networking and building the perfect website, do you realize that you are enjoying few (or no) paying clients? Then you've overlooked a step.

• Are you doing the same things as successful business owners, but you're not getting the same results? You're missing a step that may have come intuitively for them, but needs to be taught to you.

• Have you experienced client abundance in the past, but a failing economy has caused rejections and decision times to increase, and once-loyal clients to stray? You have missed an essential step.

• Are you wasting time, spinning your wheels, stuck in a rut, backpedaling with ineffective methods, or driving on a circular learning curve? You're missing a step.

• Do you get sporadic results, sometimes experiencing phenomenal "on" moments, and other times falling flat? Your steps might be there, but maybe aren't being carried out in the proper order, every time.

You believe in a better future for yourself.   The fact that you're reading this article is proof of that.   If you're missing a step, it's not your fault.   Maybe it's not obvious to you, or maybe you've never been taught.   Either way, it's time to look ahead, and to find ways to implement the correct steps today.

Picture a combination lock.   Unless you turn the dial to each specific number, in the right direction, and in the correct order, every time, it will not unlock.   Much like this combination lock, your success will not be unlocked unless you follow the correct steps.

Fifteen years ago, basic principles worked for attracting an abundance of clients.   Those principles have not changed – not one word, not one letter.   What has changed is the palette from which you can color those efforts.   You might be working in a cyber-world, communicating as never before, but unless you embrace the basics, and learn to creatively apply them, your efforts will fall flat.

Modern marketing techniques have their places.   After the basics are in place, they can complement and enhance your efforts in ways that speak to our modern world.   But it's important to remember that they are condiments, add-ons, not essential to the basic building of your sea of clients.

Modern marketing developments are new, but success isn't.   It's as old as the foolproof steps that successful business owners live by.

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Loving your job?   Loving your business?   OR does it feel like you're still having to suffer through the more undesirable aspects of your work?   I once believed as long as you generally enjoyed your profession, and was rewarded for it, you would still need to take care of those elements and some tasks that you dislike doing.   Well, things have changed and this no longer has to be true.


In order to create the type of magnetism that attracts prospective clients to you, you must find that one thing that you're inherently intended to do and eliminate the rest.   With so many resources available to every one of us, there really is no excuse to continue to do OR continue procrastinate on those things we hate to do. But, you might ask, "How can I find that one thing I'm meant to do?"   You can start with your current business.   Here's how:

•      Make a list of all of the tasks that you're responsible for in your business.   Often, it can be hard to call up every duty, so it can be helpful to keep a daily log.

•      Assign a love factor to each task.   Is it your favorite?   Do you want to do it first every day because it makes you feel fulfilled?   Or is it the one you detest?   The one you try to avoid?

•      Isolate the tasks that you detest and ask yourself if those tasks can be eliminated.   Can you redesign your business' purpose to cut them from your routine?

•      If the detested duties are necessary duties, start, right away, to find another way to get them done.   Hire someone.   Automate them.   Anything that will eliminate the negative energy from your daily repertoire.

If this process has been completed efficiently, you will be left with one main task…the one that you're absolutely wild about.

The laws of positive energy dictate that you'll be paid more for those tasks which you enjoy the most. Once you can figure out what you're good at, and do that thing exclusively, you'll realize more success than you had when you were bogged down doing all of the other false necessities.

Another point to remember is though many of us would like to believe that our business lives and our personal lives can be maintained separately, with a definitive line dividing the two, it's nearly impossible to isolate them.   If there are things in your personal life that drag you down (laundry, cooking, cleaning), then do what you can to justify hiring someone to do them for you.   The positive energy that you'll create in your personal life will spill over into your professional life, multiplying the magnetism that you create.

Just loving your general profession or business is never enough to warrant truthfulness from the statement, "I love my work."     In order for your magnetism to be IRRESISTIBLE to potential clients, you must love every aspect of your business, even if that means whittling it down to one, exclusive task.

Do what you love, and only what you love…and others will love the idea of becoming part of your magnetic field of success.

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In most circumstances, your squeeze page (or opt-in page) should be a standalone page. When a visitor clicks on your site, they should have no option other than to sign up for your offer. That is the single, primary purpose of a squeeze page.

This rule applies well to individual clients. But, if you want to capture the attention and the sale of corporate clients, the rules of online pages vary slightly.

While the objective of your page remains the same - getting the opt-in - the approach to that goal is a bit different because your target market is different.

Businesses want more details about the company they are considering giving their business to.   They want to know about you, your methods and your track record when reviewing your proposal and referring colleagues to your page.

Corporations require all the information you can provide to assure them they have done their homework and that you are the best choice to fulfill their need. If you give them nothing but a squeeze page to base their decision on, they will look for someone who tells them more.

To attract corporate clients, your page should include a link to an informational brochure that provides supporting information, lends credibility and gives your business a bit of branding.

These informational pages that you use for selling to businesses may be sites that you don't publicize to the general public. But, complex sales that involve multiple decision makers require these supporting pages.

The information on these pages should include your testimonials, case studies, and lots and lots of reassurance. Many corporate decisions are based on making improvement to their company while maintaining the status quo. Since that is one of the most important things to your potential clients, your connecting pages should address how your services can work in conjunction with them while enhancing the company's overall performance.

The wording on these brochure pages is very important. In my Attract Corporate Clients program, I include a special bonus called Inside the Mind of the Corporate Buyer. It's a resource designed to assist you with finding the best words and language for your web pages.   Presenting your information with well-researched, impacting vocabulary will get you the results you want when selling to corporate.

If corporate clients are your market, make sure you're giving them more – more information about you, more details about what you can do for them and more assurance that you are the right choice.

Give them all they need to click submit and select your services.

Want to learn more about attracting Corporate Clients? Read about Bernadette’s new Attract Corporate Clients program:

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