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What first catches your eye when you pick up a newspaper or magazine or when you pull up a website? My guess is that the big, bold letters printed across the top of the page first get your attention.

newspaperThat is the primary purpose and goal of a headline - to grab the reader's attention.

Creating headlines may take time, but it's well worth your while to spend time getting your headline right. People won't read the rest of your web page if they aren't drawn in right from the beginning.

One way to accomplish this is to create a headline that declares a big, bold promise. Headlines are at their best when they reveal the relevance and benefits to the reader up front.

Make your biggest promise and state your best benefit right away, in your headline.

Be thrifty with the number of words in your headline. The fewer and the catchier, the better. While it's easier to describe your offering in hundreds of words, people don't have time or the attention to read more than a handful.

If headlines prove to be daunting for you, Headline Generator Pro is a program that can generate a variety of suggested headlines for your promotion very quickly. Based on your answers to four simple questions, it creates headlines using tested and proven headline structures. You may not like some of them, but others are real gems.

Major companies pay big money to marketing experts for catch words and phrases that will make people stop and take notice. This program will cost you a lot less and save you valuable time.

When you construct your headline, include a pre-head and a subhead. The pre-head is the line right at the top of the page that flags those people you are targeting. This line needs to be really relevant to your target audience. For example, "Attention: Trainers, speakers, coaches, consultants, and therapists."

You can also use terms that describe what your target market is currently experiencing in your prehead: "Attention: Frazzled, overworked working moms." "Attention: 50-somethings who are going through a life change."

The sub-head is a mini headline that comes after the main headline. It enables you to elaborate a bit more on the headline. Use the subhead to add in some extra information about your offering and establish your credibility

Your subhead should follow naturally from the headline, keep people reading, and lead them into the body of your squeeze page.

Take the time to create compelling headlines. Pay attention to what you say and how you say it in your headlines so that you will get your visitor's attention. Once you have their attention, you can present the finer details of your offer. The more they read, the more they'll want to be involved with you.

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Conscious individuals still want to do business and sell things, but they don't want to sacrifice their values.

In business as well as in society, there's a growing movement toward a more conscious type of individual. More conscious individuals still want to do business and sell things, but they don't want to sacrifice their values. The move toward a more conscious society is reflected in the changing face of today's entrepreneur. This growing segment of the business population requires a different marketing technique than the businessman of yesteryear. Successfully marketing to these individuals enables you to tap into a segment of the business world that is growing quickly and currently under-marketed.

The Changing Consciousness of Our Society
As a society, we're moving away from the consumable-driven businesses of yesteryear and toward a growing concern with renewability, sustainability and values. A growing number of individuals and businesses are focused on more large-scale things, such as our health, sustainable resources and big-picture concerns. These people consider not only their bottom line, but how doing business is going to impact their community and their world in the future.

In short, we're moving toward a more conscious type of world, in an individual, societal and business sense. A growing number of successful businesses are run by this type of conscious entrepreneur, and this demographic represents an important target in the business and marketing world.

The Value of the Conscious Entrepreneur
The old mentality was that marketing to this type of conscious entrepreneur was a lost cause. Yesterday's marketing professionals believed that these individuals have a poverty-mentality, and that they're unwilling to spend money on events, conferences, classes or courses. The old belief was also that this was an extremely small segment of the population, and it wasn't worthwhile to try to reach them.

Today's successful marketing firms are just starting to realize that this segment of people represents a growing portion of our population. Today's smart businessman does have the money and is willing to spend it on the right event, product or service. Further, these individuals aren't currently well-marketed, as the old marketing techniques are a turn-off for the conscious entrepreneur. This means that people who master marketing to this demographic have what is essentially a captive audience of people who aren't being reached by many other techniques, and who are well-qualified prospects for the right product or service.

How to Market to a Conscious Entrepreneur
The key to reaching this type of audience is to avoid the hypey sales-talk type of copy, and instead focus on forming an emotional bond and speaking the language of these individuals. The people in this demographic are concerned with sustainability, renewability and overarching concerns that affect our society as a whole. Marketing your product or service in these contexts is the best way to reach these individuals.

Speak directly to the conscious entrepreneur. Come from a place of heart and sincerity. Show them that you share their values, and demonstrate how your business and you as an individual adhere to those values. When you come from a place of authenticity and speak directly to these individuals, you'll really be able to connect with this demographic, and that will lead your business to a new level of marketing success.

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In most circumstances, your squeeze page (or opt-in page) should be a standalone page. When a visitor clicks on your site, they should have no option other than to sign up for your offer. That is the single, primary purpose of a squeeze page.

This rule applies well to individual clients. But, if you want to capture the attention and the sale of corporate clients, the rules of online pages vary slightly.

While the objective of your page remains the same - getting the opt-in - the approach to that goal is a bit different because your target market is different.

Businesses want more details about the company they are considering giving their business to.   They want to know about you, your methods and your track record when reviewing your proposal and referring colleagues to your page.

Corporations require all the information you can provide to assure them they have done their homework and that you are the best choice to fulfill their need. If you give them nothing but a squeeze page to base their decision on, they will look for someone who tells them more.

To attract corporate clients, your page should include a link to an informational brochure that provides supporting information, lends credibility and gives your business a bit of branding.

These informational pages that you use for selling to businesses may be sites that you don't publicize to the general public. But, complex sales that involve multiple decision makers require these supporting pages.

The information on these pages should include your testimonials, case studies, and lots and lots of reassurance. Many corporate decisions are based on making improvement to their company while maintaining the status quo. Since that is one of the most important things to your potential clients, your connecting pages should address how your services can work in conjunction with them while enhancing the company's overall performance.

The wording on these brochure pages is very important. In my Attract Corporate Clients program, I include a special bonus called Inside the Mind of the Corporate Buyer. It's a resource designed to assist you with finding the best words and language for your web pages.   Presenting your information with well-researched, impacting vocabulary will get you the results you want when selling to corporate.

If corporate clients are your market, make sure you're giving them more – more information about you, more details about what you can do for them and more assurance that you are the right choice.

Give them all they need to click submit and select your services.

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