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If you have a great website that gets viewed by thousands of potential customers yet your sales do not reflect the same success what's the problem? Your large volume of enquiries is a great start but unless they translate into sales they don't mean much. What you need to have a closer look at is ways in which you can convert more of those leads to sales. Here are four simple ways to help you:

Tailor your Copy

Learning to write words that sell is a technique that can make a big difference to your sales conversion rate.   On a website the copy should immediately grab the reader's attention and make them want to learn more. The copy should resonate with them on a personal level as soon as they arrive on your web page. The copy should also speak directly to the prospective customers needs. It should show them how they can benefit from working with you or using one of your products. Tailoring your copy is a simple yet very effective way to increase your conversion rate of leads to sales.

Capture Visitor Information

A database of customers or potential customers is one of the most valuable assets a business can have.   Every person that visits your website or expresses an interest in your products or services has the potential to become a client. It is therefore important that you have mechanisms in place on your website where you can easily capture the visitor's information. One way of doing this is by using squeeze pages. Learning how to effectively implement squeeze pages in your website can help you vastly improve your conversion rate.

Different Ways to Follow Up

Traditionally most people think that a follow up is getting on the phone and asking for the sale. While this is true some of the time, there are many other ways that you can follow up with clients without directly calling or asking for the sale. Email has provided a convenient and inexpensive way to keep in touch with prospective customers. Learning to write emails that sell is a great way to improve your conversion rate.

The Power of Teleseminars

Teleseminars are a great way to start interacting with potential customers. They provide prospects with an opportunity to learn more about you, your business and what products or services you offer. It also gives them insight into the value that you offer and how they can benefit from buying from you.   You can use the teleseminar to explain specific items in detail. If customers have any questions you can respond straight away and other prospects can also benefit from hearing the Q & A. As customers get to know you they will be more confident about purchasing from you. Using teleseminars is great way to interact with customers and increase your conversion rate.

This is just a brief overview of four effective ways to increase your customer conversions. Each one of these techniques is covered in more detail in my free teleseminar series ’7 Secrets for Attracting Clients’. Find out how you can have access to the recordings.

Imagine if you could create a way to capture a client's business and then be able to get repeat business from them on a continuous basis. It need not be a membership program, it simply means finding a way to optimize each clients buying potential for your business.

revenuestreamThink of how much it costs to capture that client in the first place. Wouldn't it be great if you could get continuous streams of revenue from your existing clients as the basis for your business, rather than constantly having to source large volumes of new business?

Finding ways of Generating Continuous Revenue Streams

You may be thinking how on earth can that apply to my business? The products or services that I sell are once off offers that clients aren't likely to buy again soon.   But think about it for a moment. In gaining that client you have also gained their trust.   They know you and they like you and they are willing to pay your price for your product or service.   That in itself is very valuable. In order to be able to keep them as a customer and earn continuous revenue from them you need to think of what they may need on an ongoing basis. What can you offer them that falls within the scope of your products or services, and that they may purchase from you regularly. It may be that you add something to what you are offering to be able to create continuity. It could just be something small but it could make a big difference to your revenue over a year.

Tips for Sourcing Continuous Revenue Streams

• It is important to realize the value that each and every client represents to your business.   When you build a relationship with customers you will be setting your business up to earn continuous streams of revenue from them.

• Take the time to get to know and understand your customers and their needs. In this way you can source ideas of how you can offer then continuous products or services over a period of time.

• Make sure that what you offer your clients is something of value. To the client it shows that you understand them and their needs and it will encourage them to purchase from you on a continuous basis.

• Think through the operations and delivery side of your offering carefully. Make sure that you have systems in place to facilitate the efficient on time delivery of your products and services.   Clients are very astute about recognizing when a promise is made that is not fulfilled. You need to be consistent in your delivery if you want to earn continuous revenue streams from a particular source.

Having continuous revenue streams coming in to your business can take the pressure off having to meet monthly targets. Even if the revenue streams are fairly small, as long as they are consistent they can prove to be very valuable to your business. Every time you add a new client it will not just be a once off sale, it will be a building block that you are using to grow your business. Over time these continuous revenue streams can become the backbone of your business.

If you'd like to know more about attracting new clients and achieving real business success I invite you to join me for my upcoming free teleseminar series – "7 Secrets for Attracting New Clients".   Register for FREE.

Instead of asking, "What If?" ... ask yourself, "Why Not?"

Instead of asking, "What If?" ... ask yourself, "Why Not?"

Making your business recession-proof – It's on the minds of many business owners.   It's also off the minds of many business owners.

Entrepreneurs with all of the steps in place for attracting clients might look at you with a puzzled expression, or a nonchalant wave of the hand, when you mention the state of the world economy.   That's because they already have the necessary steps in place to continually attract a steady steam of new clients.   They have barely noticed a difference in the economy.   In fact their businesses are thriving just as mine is.

This week, I'm focused on helping you become   "client magnet".     I'd like you to start by doing the following …

First, write down your desired monthly income.

Second, take your current annual profit and multiply it by two.

Third, produce an amount, a windfall of money that you would like to be able to create on demand, in order to take that vacation, but a down payment on a new house, or purchase a new car.

Are those numbers impressive to you?   Are you beginning to picture how your life would be impacted by those numbers?   Client attraction all starts with your dream and desire.   And I am here to tell you that each one of those numbers you've just written down IS attainable.   I have lived this through my own life experience.     You simply need to master the key elements of client attraction and business success.

This is a list of 7 key strategies I use to master the art of client attraction and business success (this list is not all-inclusive but it will give you a start) …

• Compile (and continue to grow) a prospect list
• Master the formula for how to attract premium level clients
• Create offers that describe what you're offering in a way prospects simply can't refuse
• Develop the art of client conversations
• Know how to ask for money more quickly, and with more confidence
• Have a system in place to close sales faster
• Establish systems to convert a working business into passive income

If you hadn't considered even one of these points, or if you're not sure about how to achieve even one of these points, your business isn't reaching its full potential.

Learning these steps doesn't require complicated marketing systems that keep your head spinning with data and intricate procedures.   This doesn't require fancy websites or cyber-marketing.

It's as simple as getting down to marketing basics.   Remember those three numbers you wrote down earlier?   What if you could achieve them within the next twelve months?

They are your goals, your catalysts, and your springboards for the change that you envision for your life.   I want those changes for you…maybe because I feel so confident in my ability to provide the tools that you need to achieve them.   No more What If’s.   Make this the moment that you decide to ask yourself, "Why Not?"

If you'd like to know more about attracting new clients and achieving real business success I invite you to join me for my upcoming free teleseminar series – "7 Secrets for Attracting New Clients".   Register for FREE.

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