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Can you envision yourself making $500,000?

I don't mean imagining that you've won the lottery. Can you actually see yourself earning $500,000?

If you set a goal that is believable for you, you'll not only realize that goal, but as you break through it, even more will become possible for you.

If you can't envision such a high number and think it's beyond your reach, don't set your sights on that number straight off. Doing this will just cause a disconnect between what you want and what you think you can make. You will be starting out with a limiting belief.

I worked with a mentor who shared a story about his wife. She worked for an insurance company as a sales manager, making $29,000 a year. When he asked her if she could see herself making $100,000, she said "no." When he backed down that number to $50,000, she said, "yes."

Once she settled on that amount, which felt reasonable and comfortable, she not only achieved it, she far exceeded it. By the end of the year, she had made $499,000.

The important point is that she started out with a vision she could believe in.

What do you truly believe is possible for yourself?   Follow these steps to set believable goals that you can achieve.

Step One
Pick a number that's a stretch from where you've been before, but one that you can actually believe in. If you go too far in the other direction, and begin with a very high number, you will stall out. Your non-belief in making that money will be stronger than your belief in getting it.

Step Two
Start where your belief system is. If the most you've ever made is $30,000, stretch that number to the very edge of what you can actually see yourself making.

Step Three
Honor small advances. If you only see a $5,000 or $10,000 increase, that's fine. Start there. As you make that little advance, you will increase your belief system in many different areas and rapidly advance that number.

Step Four
Once you make that little jump of $5,000 or $10,000, not only do you see yourself make it, but you start to believe in the whole process. When you actually believe in the process, it will have an expansive effect on you. Now you are able to see that this can go anywhere.

You will open yourself up to what is actually possible and really start believing it. That's when you will take off.

Your ability to make that higher end income is really about knowing where you are in what you believe. Not only will you set believable goals, you will be successful in achieving them, and in surpassing them as well.

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If you've set goals in your life, and at some point we all have, then you likely have supporting structures in place for those goals. But what if you change your goals? Goals evolve and they grow and they change over time. It makes sense that when your goals evolve, then the supporting structures need to change as well.

As you go about setting your goals for the next 12 months, or even for the next quarter, take some time to also figure out what you need and what needs to change to achieve that goal.

Here's 3 steps to get you started:

1. What do you need OR what do you need to change? What do you need to reach your goal? It's not always clear cut, but it could be a simple and clear answer such as administrative help. If it is that simple, then so is the answer - hire someone to help you do the books, help with marketing, whatever you need to help you achieve your goal.

What about your time routine or changing your work methods? Do those need restructuring to help you meet a goal? It's not always so cut and dried though. You may need a mentor, different resources, or a much more dramatic change.

2. Visualize Your Goals. Take a moment to just think quietly. Visualize yourself when you've met the goal. Now work backwards, what supporting structures are in place that helped you get there? Were you in a larger office using an assistant? Were you using different resources?

Take it a step further and visualize your ideal scenario - what you'd like it to be, not what you think you will achieve. What structures are in place in the ideal world? See what you come up with.

3. Be Willing To Let Go. To get your new structures in place, chances are, there are things you're going to need to let go of. You need to make a necessary compromise - be willing to give up something to achieve your goal - whether it's an old work habit or even some of your revenue to hire an assistant or use a coach. Don't compromise on the outcome. Be willing to take a trade off to reach it.

For example, I used to watch a soap opera in my early years. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I did take time out some years ago to watch this ½ hour soap opera - five days a week. I realized that this habit wasn't going to help me reach my goals. It also wasn't who I wanted to be, so I cut it out. It gave me 2-1/2 hours more time to focus on my goal each week.

Your compromise may need to be more dramatic. It may be relocating, a change in a relationship. But know that it's going to get you closer to your goal. It's all part of the process.

Have the courage to re-align your habits, find out what you need and what you need to let go of. By doing this you're guaranteed to reach your goals.

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Do you wonder just what it is you're supposed to do with your unique combination of skills and interests? Are you overlooking the commercial value of your passions and talents?

You would be surprised at the backgrounds and interests of some of the people I know who are running information empires.

Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? It's the Chinese art which believes that how you set up your environment, and where you place certain things in your home, affects the energy around you.

A lot of people use Feng Shui to enhance their luck and even their relationships. So, now that you're more familiar with the art, have you ever heard of a Feng Shui expert? You'll be intrigued to learn that someone who started out using Feng Shui for herself has actually managed to build an information empire around it. She has created products and programs to support her clients in using Feng Shui.

Another woman I've met has built an information empire around her ability to do handwriting analysis.

If these two women can have information empires based on their individual talents, you can too. Both of them are turning over about £250,000 a year in their businesses. And both of them are working part time - fewer than 30 hours a week.

If they can do that, what's possible for you?

Another example is a man I met who used to sell men's clothing. Then he started teaching. He had been very successful using direct mail to promote his clothing store, so he combined his skills and started teaching other men's wear retailers how to build their business in the same way.

Your expertise was given to you for a reason. What you know matches up with the corresponding need of someone else, somewhere else in the world.

And if that need exists, then what you know has commercial value. That's for sure. Someone, somewhere, is willing to pay for what you know.

You may not be quite sure yet about where you want to place your focus. You may find that you have a number of choices, that there is almost too much opportunity for you!

But look at your skills and your interests from the point of view of someone who doesn't have them. How can you turn them into information and products that give you the greatest return for your efforts? The answer to that question will be the first step in laying the foundation of your information empire.

Bernadette Doyle is a small business marketing expert. Get more tips and advice at

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