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Have you noticed when someone receives an award for an achievement, they usually thank someone else without whom that achievement would not have been possible?   When an actor receives an Oscar, they often say something like, "I owe it all to my wife (or whomever)." They thank their parents, spouses, and anyone who has given them the support and encouragement they needed to reach their goal.

When you set big goals that require you to stretch and grow, you owe it to yourself to have a good support system in place.

Finding a mentor is one of the best ways to get that support.

So, how do you find the right mentor? The person who will really make that positive impact on your business and life?   Ideally, your mentor should be someone who is experienced and has already produced the results you want. Look for someone who has been through and understands the process of change you're going through because they are making constant positive changes in their own life. This is your best choice for a mentor.

What can your mentor do for you? Your mentor (if selected carefully) will help keep you on target as you step up to change. He or she can show you how to deal with distractions so you aren't sidetracked on your path to reaching your goals.

A mentor who is on a fast track of growth can teach you the strategies that will help you during periods of massive change. Your mentor will be able to help you decide not only what you need to be doing, but what you need to stop doing as well.

When you undertake a massive change, what you have to stop doing is as important as what you need to start doing. A strong mentor can help in this area. For example, your mentor can help you to clearly see which things are not going to fit with the new you, and which projects will help you to achieve your goals. This means that you have to decide which projects to pursue and, even more importantly, which to ditch.

A good mentor has the ability to see you, and the you that you're stepping into; their belief in you is stronger than their belief in the obstacles that challenge you. A mentor will guide you through the process of change as you take the steps to your new reality.

That's exactly what happened for me.   Deciding to work with a mentor was one of the best decisions I ever made.   And I continue to invest in myself and work with a number of amazing mentors.   When I first took that step, I really took a leap forward and upwards in my business.   It made such a powerful difference in my life – how I viewed myself and how I viewed my business.

Most successful business people have had help throughout their careers, and most are willing to offer the same to others. Think about successful business owners you admire. Consider people you've met through your networking or training groups or other professional affiliations.

You deserve to have a mentor. Make the decision – take that step forward.   The right person is waiting to give you the support you need to achieve your goals.

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