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I'm a working mom with two kids and a million dollar business who works just three days a week. You may be in a completely different place in your life. You might be thinking that the dreams, strategies and tactics that I am talking about don't really apply to you. The things that I am talking about achieving just seem so far removed from you current reality that you may be wondering is it even possible to get there?


Listen to that voice inside of you that is dreaming the big dreams.

I firmly believe that the only difference between where you are now and where you want to be is that at some point you have stopped yourself. Perhaps you stopped dreaming. Perhaps you stopped working at it.   It may be because of circumstances or because you had no support. It may be because of fear or because you feel that you don't have the knowledge or the skills to reach your dreams. The point is still that you have stopped. If you have a dream, no matter how big it is: It is there to inspire you. To make you reach up to something that is bigger than yourself or your circumstances. There is a quote by Doreen Virtue that says: "God doesn't give us our dreams without the ability to make them happen." Somewhere inside of you a part of you that believes that the dream is possible. Otherwise you wouldn't be dreaming about it. Sometimes all it takes is a step forward in the right direction, to step up and take on the challenge and discover what awaits you.

Some Ways to Find Inspiration

• Listen to that voice inside of you that is dreaming the big dreams. Dwell on the dreams, let them evolve and breathe life into them.

•   Ask yourself what may be stopping you from following your dreams. Often this can highlight areas in your life where you need to implement some changes.

• When you have highlighted areas in your life that are holding you back, do something about it. Make the changes or face up to the fears and get on the road to following your dreams.

•   Once you decide on a direction, don't stop. You may pause to think through strategies but don't stop or give up on the dream.

•   Find a mentor, coach or group that you can work with to help inspire you to go after your dreams.

Your dreams can become your reality. It really is as simple as that. You need to start believing in them. Don't waste time sitting around wondering why you haven't gotten there yet and all the reasons why you can't get to where you want to be. Rather add fuel to the fire and get those dreams on the boil. Your dreams can be your inspiration and the things that lead you to discover a whole realm of amazing talents and capabilities that you may not even know you have. Step up and go after something that is bigger than your current reality. Start developing those dreams.

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Two business owners compete against one another in the same field.

Business Owner #1 has worked in his niche for 30 years; he has a massive list of contacts; his reputation is impeccable; his clients are among some of the most satisfied in the industry.   His expertise is unmatched.   Word of mouth has been a friend to his business, but his niche is very specialized, which means that his name doesn't come up at many dinner parties.

Business Owner #2 is relatively new to the industry, also working in the same specialty niche.   She's still in the process of building her contact list; her clients are largely satisfied, but the verbal buzz hasn't elevated yet…she's simply too new.

Which business owner do you think has realized the largest profit in the last 12 months?

Would you be surprised to learn that it's Business Owner #2?

How could that be?

One word:   Marketing

Business Owner #2 invests whatever she can afford to lose in marketing campaigns, while Business Owner #1 simply can't seem to get past the initial dollar amount of the marketing expenses, and so, simply doesn't "get the word out".

As a result, the first business remains steady, but stagnant.   The second soars.

Business Owner #2 possesses a Millionaire Mindset.   Here's what's going on inside her head:

• Marketing is an investment.   Even if one campaign costs $4,000 (which is a significant amount of money for her fledging business), she anticipates that just one resulting sale will pay for the ad.

• She views the campaign as an investment in her most valuable commodity – herself.   Because she has completed the research and knows that there's a noted demand for her product, she purchases each new ad with a faith that can only come from believing in herself and her business.   She thinks, I'm the best investment I'm ever going to make.

• She never invests more than she can afford to lose.   Financially, she only invests what her business can survive without.   Emotionally, she only invests what she can lose and still hold on to a sense of hindsight without depression.

• She doesn't ruminate over the dollar amount of each marketing endeavor.   Rather, she concentrates on its potential return.   She understands that she'll realize direct returns, as well as future, residual ones.

• She knows that she'll never reach millionaire status by pinching pennies.

• She understands that by pulling out her cash and throwing it against the wall of cash that has become frozen in this, a stagnant, economy, she's multiplying her chances of getting a return.   Unless she spends money, the wall of cash will remain rigid, eliminating a large portion of potential profit.

• Though it was difficult for her to accept the idea of investment versus cost in the beginning, she becomes more willing to spend money with each profitable marketing campaign.   Because of this realization, she has committed to educate her clients about the benefits of marketing, which will contribute to the stimulation of the economy.

Investment and return will never be a chicken and egg debate.   Without investment, there can be no return.   The return will never come first…in fact, it simply won't come at all.

If you want to find your own millionaire mindset, you must separate yourself from the competition's aversion to marketing and getting your name out there.

You could spend your disposable income on a new car, or a summer home, or a vacation.   Or…you could invest that cash in a marketing campaign…so you can afford all three.

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There are no stupid questions. The only stupid question is the one that isn't asked. Whether you're just starting out or trying to grow your business to even greater heights, I'm sure you have many questions about your next steps.   Usually, the questions that come into your mind are more concrete in nature: Who is my audience? Where should I open my business? How should I advertise?

question markGood questions, but there are others that you may not think to ask – of yourself and about yourself. These questions revolve around the person you need to be in order to achieve the success you want.   These questions are so important in your journey of success.   This week I invite you to get personal.   Look within yourself by considering these 7 questions.

Think about them before answering them, and be sure to answer them honestly.   These are the same personal questions I continue to ask myself.   These are the questions that help me to propel my business higher and higher every year.   I promise you, spending a little focused time here, will reap you great rewards …

Q1. Are you setting your goals according to what you truly want or what you think you should get?
If your perspective is based on what you think you can do or have to do, you're limiting your business potential. Set your goals based on what you truly want to achieve.

Q2. Do you have a burning desire? When you set out to do something you've never done, you are bound to encounter obstacles and hurdles. A burning desire will motivate you to overcome them rather than quitting because the going gets tough.

Q3. Where do you want to be? Design your business on your terms. The lifestyle you want to live, how much vacation you want to take, how many hours you want to work are totally up to you. Map these things out in advance so you can determine how to get there.

Q4. Are you setting the right goals? Setting goals that excite and challenge you will keep you from becoming lazy or complacent. Be careful not to set goals that are so overwhelming that they paralyze you with fear.   Keep a balance.

Q5. What do you need to let go of? When you move from one level to another, in life and in business, you have to leave some things behind. It could be a habit, a former acquaintance or a work pattern, but the more old things you carry with you, the harder it is to climb. Let go of the things that hold you back.

Q6. Who do you need to be in order to do this? How you act and react is just as, perhaps even more important, than what you do. Take notice of your habits and your surroundings. Ask yourself if the person you need to be to achieve your goals would live and act this way.

Q7. What is the one critical skill you need? Learning to sell is the most critical skill in any business. The most important investment you can make in yourself is learning to sell one-to-one. Make the conscious commitment to making yourself the best salesperson your business could have.

Asking yourself these personal questions and revealing your personal, honest answers will give you insight on what you need to learn and do to achieve your goals.

Never stop asking yourself questions. Every answer will take you further and further on the road to your success.

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