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girlsonbeachI may be known primarily as a marketing coach, but I am the first to admit that if you're serious about growing a six or seven-figure business, it's going to take a lot more than great marketing.

You can do all the right things and work hard, but if it's not yet translating into results, it may be that your marketing strategies need tweaking, or you may need to work on your business model and your income streams.   But, it's also a strong indication that what you really need to work on is your mindset.

If your mindset isn't in the right place, you could be sabotaging your own success.

Perhaps deep down you don't feel that you deserve it, or you doubt yourself or don't trust yourself. Maybe you just don't believe that you should have it so easy.

Wrestling with these issues takes a lot of strength. You have to make up your mind that you are stronger than the issues.

Every time you step up to a new level, there will be more inner work for you to do. There's always more to face and to overcome and to step through.

Think about some of the workings of your mindset that are holding you back right now.

•      If you feel like you've got to do everything yourself in order for everything to get done, that's a mindset issue.

•      If you doubt yourself, and think you have to slowly build your credibility before you can offer an expensive program, that's a mindset issue.

•      If you aren't willing to invest money in yourself by taking training courses, buying programs or hiring a coach, that's a mindset issue.

•      If you think the only way that you can make money is by trading your time for it, that's a mindset issue.

You need to shift your mindset. Being put in situations and even getting assignments where your old mindset is challenged and tested will help you to look at and handle things differently. Ultimately, you will blow apart all of the old ways in which you approach new things.   Working with a coach or a mentor specifically on mindset will help you a great enormously.   And I can personally speak from experience!

The change in your mindset shift is a little difficult to explain because it really needs to be experienced.     The bottom line is that part of mindset is to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Everything you want that you don't yet have is outside of your comfort zone. If it was inside your comfort zone, you would already have it. You have to step outside of that zone to get what you want – and deserve.

Once you shift your mindset, you will be comfortable with being the expert at what you do, delegating, believing in yourself and in the value you offer to your clients.

That is when you will achieve and surpass your business goals.

So go for it!   Join me in the journey and make this year your best year ever!

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

Recognize your fears and overcome them.

Recognize your fears and overcome them.

What truly scares you about your business?

What obstacles are you afraid will interfere with your goals?

If you aren't making the money you want, there is some type of fear that is coming into play. That fear factor is the one thing that can stand between you and your ultimate success. Until you face and overcome that fear and those obstacles once and for all, they will keep your vision from becoming reality.

First, figure out what you are afraid of.

Have you ever experienced any of these feelings:

Do you question whether you are enough of an expert in your area?

Do you panic at the prospect of speaking in front of an audience or conducting an interview over the telephone?

Are you terrified by the reality of marketing yourself?

All of these questions undermine your confidence in yourself. You need to address the underlying causes of your fears in order to move past them.

The answer to overcoming many of your fears lies with education. It's common to fear the unknown, but as you educate yourself in those areas you aren't familiar with, the unknown becomes far less mysterious. And much less scary.

Start by considering whether you have invested enough in yourself, in your education and training, to feel confident. If you can't justify your expertise with education and experience, it's time to get more of both. When you put the effort and energy into yourself, it will reflect in your confidence level, and help you to overcome that fear for good.

You may need to learn more about how to promote yourself, which is very different from promoting a company with a brand name. Investing in courses and training programs that offer strategies and techniques geared specifically toward small business owners will help to put that fear of rejection to rest. The same holds true for public speaking. The more you know about your subject and the more you learn how to do an effective presentation, the less you will fear public speaking.

This is all about you believing what you're worth. You've earned the right to market your skills and abilities. Once you get out there and see the impact you can have on your clients, your fear will slowly evaporate.

Addressing your fears is both exciting and scary. You just have to face it – whatever it is. Whatever that thing is that makes you uncomfortable, that gives you pause and makes your heart and your head pound – just do it.

That's how you'll step up into the next phase of your business success. Once you do something that you were previously afraid to do, you can put it behind you. You can consider it part of your comfort zone because you did it and you survived it.

Getting over fear is one of the best feelings you can ever experience.

Step up to something, look it in the eye, learn what it takes to overcome it and then just take it on.

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Loving your job?   Loving your business?   OR does it feel like you're still having to suffer through the more undesirable aspects of your work?   I once believed as long as you generally enjoyed your profession, and was rewarded for it, you would still need to take care of those elements and some tasks that you dislike doing.   Well, things have changed and this no longer has to be true.


In order to create the type of magnetism that attracts prospective clients to you, you must find that one thing that you're inherently intended to do and eliminate the rest.   With so many resources available to every one of us, there really is no excuse to continue to do OR continue procrastinate on those things we hate to do. But, you might ask, "How can I find that one thing I'm meant to do?"   You can start with your current business.   Here's how:

•      Make a list of all of the tasks that you're responsible for in your business.   Often, it can be hard to call up every duty, so it can be helpful to keep a daily log.

•      Assign a love factor to each task.   Is it your favorite?   Do you want to do it first every day because it makes you feel fulfilled?   Or is it the one you detest?   The one you try to avoid?

•      Isolate the tasks that you detest and ask yourself if those tasks can be eliminated.   Can you redesign your business' purpose to cut them from your routine?

•      If the detested duties are necessary duties, start, right away, to find another way to get them done.   Hire someone.   Automate them.   Anything that will eliminate the negative energy from your daily repertoire.

If this process has been completed efficiently, you will be left with one main task…the one that you're absolutely wild about.

The laws of positive energy dictate that you'll be paid more for those tasks which you enjoy the most. Once you can figure out what you're good at, and do that thing exclusively, you'll realize more success than you had when you were bogged down doing all of the other false necessities.

Another point to remember is though many of us would like to believe that our business lives and our personal lives can be maintained separately, with a definitive line dividing the two, it's nearly impossible to isolate them.   If there are things in your personal life that drag you down (laundry, cooking, cleaning), then do what you can to justify hiring someone to do them for you.   The positive energy that you'll create in your personal life will spill over into your professional life, multiplying the magnetism that you create.

Just loving your general profession or business is never enough to warrant truthfulness from the statement, "I love my work."     In order for your magnetism to be IRRESISTIBLE to potential clients, you must love every aspect of your business, even if that means whittling it down to one, exclusive task.

Do what you love, and only what you love…and others will love the idea of becoming part of your magnetic field of success.

Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients. If you want to get clients calling you instead of you calling them, sign up for her free weekly e-zine at

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