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Do you manufacture, sell or promote a product?   Do you offer coaching, professional or specialist services?     Chances are you have accumulated a great deal of specialist knowledge and expertise in your industry.

I'm going to show you a way you can turn your expertise into big profits!   And it's as simple as sharing your expertise with others to help them become successful in your field.

1.   When sharing becomes profitable   …

The knowledge and expertise you have gained over years of working in your industry is VALUABLE.   It's especially valuable to those people who want to learn from your years of experience to build their own businesses just as you have done.   By sharing your knowledge, experience and resources you are helping people to make money and create a better life for themselves.   People are willing to pay you big money to help fast track their success.   If you're willing to share what they want and need, there are people willing to pay you to do that.

2.   Decide how you're going to share your expertise

Hosting an event and turning it into a big pay day is a perfect way to share your expertise and help others succeed while making big profits for yourself!
A big payday event may take many forms. One of the most common forms is a seminar or conference where you share your secrets and tips with people who want to learn about your field.   You can also conduct workshops, give speeches or run specialist programmes.

3.   Leverage your event to make serious money

Registration fees are a starting point to making money from your expertise.   But you can generate far more revenue.     A big payday event can generate six figures.   Think big!   Your event provides you an opportunity to monetize your business in new and exciting ways…

• You could turn your big payday event into an opportunity to launch a new product or programme for your company.

• Your event also gives you an opportunity to align yourself with different industry leaders. By inviting others to speak at and promote your event, you build credibility through association.

• Think of ways you can use your event to diversify and increase revenue streams.   Consider ways you can include residual income from product sales, setting up new marketing or money-making coaching programs, and establishing lucrative relationships with new clients.

• While your big payday event provides you with a great opportunity to branch out into new areas, you can also use it to build your existing business. Use your big payday event to connect with new clients, or to convince fence-sitters that your product or service is the ideal solution.

If you're ready to share your expertise and help others on the road to success, it's time to think about hosting your big pay day live event.   It is possible to generate a six-figure payday; just by sharing your expertise.   I know because of have done it.   Use these tips I've shared with you to think big!       Start planning today and everyone wins!

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. She publishes a free, weekly newsletter for trainers, speakers, coaches, consultants, complementary therapists and solo professionals. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

You can compete with the big name players in your market. You can attract corporate clients to buy your services, whether they involve negotiation skills, presentation skills, sales skills, or dealing with difficult clients and colleagues.

Sometimes, the idea that you're at a disadvantage to the big companies is more in your own head than it is in your potential buyer's eyes.

Here's a simple formula to follow when competing for big business:

Be confident in your ability to deliver your product or service   +
Distinguish yourself from the competition =
Clients will jump on your offering rather than you having to compete for their business.

Don't be intimidated by the larger businesses who offer services similar to yours. Don't let the heavy hitters in your area give you an inferiority complex.

Your business actually has a massive advantage over these bigger players…

•      Many of these larger structures tend to offer fixed programs and fixed courses. There's usually not a lot a room for customized, pick-and-choose type training. You're not restricted in a way that a larger company would be. That actually means you can have a lot more flexibility for your client. You're much more able to be responsive to their needs.

•      Big companies tend to send in a very charming and persuasive sales person to close the sale. They go in with all the glitz, pretty brochures, maybe they even take the client out to lunch. Then they outsource to the most inexpensive person they can find to deliver the service, still charging the client a premium rate. Clients soon discover that the person who is actually put in front of them to deliver the training, do the consulting, or whatever the service is, doesn't have that experience, that credibility or that authority.

Make it obvious, in your marketing material and also in your sales meetings, that the person the client meets going in, is going to be the same person that their end users meet. Without actually saying anything negative about the bigger company vying for their business, you're planting a seed of doubt. You're not badmouthing the competition, but you are giving the client something to think about that they may not have before. Where possible, you always want to sell yourself on your strengths as opposed to just going in and knocking the competition.

•      When your business card is basically your name, you can sometimes feel, "I haven't got the weight. I haven't got this huge impressive organization behind me." But, you have to start seeing that as a real advantage. Don't underestimate a client's ability to appreciate the fact that your business success hinges on your delivering the very best. You're not just following some automated process. You're really engaging with them and really getting to understand their business, so you can make recommendations based on your expertise and what you've uncovered as their real need. You're literally staking your reputation on your service.

So, just because you're not as big or as famous as some of the others, doesn't mean you're at a disadvantage. You've got to start to think about, "What do I have that these guys don't have?"

Bernadette Doyle is a small business marketing expert. Get more tips and advice at

You have a lot more skills and experience than you give yourself credit for. I'll lay odds that you don't even realize the full extent of your assets and resources. There's a good chance that you are discounting or undervaluing them. Don't make the mistake of thinking that all your other talents and other events from your past are irrelevant to what you are doing now.

I recently did an exercise where I had to reflect on all of my past work experience. I realized that one of the jobs I had completely forgotten about was actually very relevant to what I am doing now.

During the gap year before I went to university, I worked on a car sales lot on an American military base in Germany.   I was 18 and was uncomfortable about selling, so I teamed up with one of the sales guys there. We worked together, but I was more like his assistant.

He collected the names of everyone who came in and expressed an interest in a car. These were our leads. I loaded their information into the computer, which was unusual back in the late 80's -   a lot of companies weren't even using computers much in business.

We used that information to do direct mailings to those people, letting them know about special offers and things that were happening on the car lot. I basically assisted him in getting more people to come to the dealership.

The net result was that we won a competition that year for the highest number of cars sold at the American bases in Germany.   We won an all expenses paid holiday to the Caribbean.

I had completely blanked that experience as being relevant. But when you think about it, I've really been using direct mail to promote business and promote sales for a long, long time.   And those skills and experiences I gained back then, are very much relevant today.

My point is, it doesn't matter whether you're 25, 45, or 65. You have had many different life experiences and you possess a multitude of assets that could be useful and relevant in helping you to build your online business.

You've likely put together some type of resume in your past to submit to an employer with a job application. On it, you surely included your education background and previous work experience, any recognitions or awards and maybe a couple of references.

There is a lot more to you than that, though.

Have you ever done a resume of your life experiences? Have you ever taken inventory of your existing assets and resources?

I am certain that if you sit down and list out all the things you've ever done, there are jobs that you've performed in the past that somehow contribute to what you're doing now.

And, I'm pretty sure that there are skills you've learned along the way that you apply in some way to the growth of your business. It could be something that you were just doing as a past hobby.

But I'm positive that you have a lot more relevant experience than you are giving yourself credit for right now.

Bernadette Doyle is a small business marketing expert. Get more tips and advice at

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