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Do you have excited, hungry prospects – knocking at your doors, just waiting to get a piece of what you have on offer?     Or does it feel more like your prospects are suffering from a touch of sluggishness, or a loss of appetite for your offerings?


Give your prospects enough compelling reasons to want to buy.

Your prospects should be jumping at your product, and if they are not, it's time to do some serious "tweaking" to your current marketing efforts.

Step 1:   Give Your Prospects A Reason To Buy

Let me ask you — Are you motivating your prospects enough, or in the right manner so that they want to buy what you're offering? If your prospects aren't acting, perhaps you're not giving them enough compelling reasons to do so.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself (and answer them honestly) to discover new ways to motivate your prospects …

•      "How can I present my product or service differently?"

•      "How can I ask my prospects, in a new way, to change the way they operate, to do things differently?"

•      "What alternate forms of motivation can I explore?"

•      "How can I communicate the rewards differently?"

•      "How can I more clearly communicate the high cost of doing things the old way to my prospects?"

•      In short, "What do I need to do differently?"

Step 2 :   Get Clear About The End Reward

For the benefit of yourself and your prospects, it can be helpful to paint a mental picture of the end reward.   Often, prospects cannot be motivated to purchase unless they can gain a solid grasp of how their lives will change once your product or service is integrated.

Step 3 :   Challenge Negativity, Focus on the Positive

Often, our human nature dictates that when we come upon an obstacle, or obstacles, we tend to fall into dialogue that sounds like, "It's hard," "This is difficult," or, "It's impossible."

Many times, conversation among professionals can further negative attitudes about obstacles.   If you're hearing things like, "No one's moving right now," "Nobody takes professionals like us seriously," or "They don't know what they're missing," you run the risk of being pulled into that mindset.   And from that mindset springs prospect inactivity.

This phenomenon has been referred to as the "conspiracy of mediocrity," and there's really no better way to describe it.   After all, what better way for your competition to pilfer success than to convince you that your own hopes of success are unlikely to be realized.

When you encounter these attitudes, it can be helpful to remove yourself from the pervading negativity, and to instead focus on how you can make your company the one that's breaking through that negativity.

Don't allow yourself to be sucked into the conspiracy.   In order to reap rewards for you (and your clients), it's imperative that you begin to challenge common beliefs that pervade the air of your particular niche.   Determine for yourself whether a principle is true or false.

If you want to motivate your prospects to buy, you must relieve them from the burden of listening to the same old song.   You must play a new tune, change the key, or even invent a new type of music.   If you take the time to really listen to what they're asking for, and answer those needs, it won't be long before they're back on their feet, feeling better, and jumping on your bandwagon (which is, by the way, quite handy at steering around those pesky obstacles).

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

Imagine this: You receive word that a special event, hosted by a world-renowned expert, is being offered.   This grabs your attention because you've been wanting, for a long while, to expand this area of your business.   You'll need to pay to fly to the far-away city; pay for lodging, meals, cab fares…plus, of course, the enrollment fee for the workshop.

YOUIn all, you tally that the total cost will come out to about $10,000:   a lot of money; a real leap of faith, you think.

Nevertheless, you reserve your spot, buy your plane ticket, and book your hotel.   Once you arrive in the booming metropolis that's hosting this grand event, you have about ten bucks in your pocket – not even enough to score a cab ride to your hotel.   So, you end up on the bus, shoulder-to-shoulder with other down-trodden individuals, lamenting your choice and knowing that you'll be taking full advantage of the buffet breakfasts at the hotel and the lunches at the training program (because there won't be any money for nice dinners).

You've gotten yourself into a tough spot, right?   You've spent what's practically your last dollar on something that may or may not work to boost your business.

But let's consider the rest of the story:

The information that you gather in the three days you spend at the seminar enliven your spirits; you fly back home knowing exactly how you'll tackle your next hurdle; you have a plan for boosting profits; the professional advice you've gotten is unlike anything you could have anticipated.   Specifically, you leave knowing exactly how to offer high-end coaching programs.   You'd wanted to tackle this for a long time, but hadn't the knowledge or the confidence to do so.

One year after the workshop, following the launch of your new high-end coaching program, you tally your profits from the coaching portion of your business at over $300,000.   Suddenly, riding the bus, skipping dinner, and fretting over the "mistake" you'd made seem silly.   What's $10,000 compared to $300,000?   A drop in the bucket, to say the least.

This specific scenario is only a hypothetical, but I have heard similar stories in real life.   Here's what you can learn about investment versus cost:

Firstly, don't think in terms of cost. As long as you can afford to lose the initial investment, and the investment is something that has the potential to boost your business, push the initial dollar amount out of your mind.

Secondly, concentrate on the investment's potential. Sure, the cost might be significant, but what future earning potential will it uncover?   Do you anticipate a return on your money, and if you do, how many times over will you cover the initial cost?

Thirdly, and in summary, when you make an investment in YOU, the cash is never lost…it's simply redirected. The money might have moved to a different sector of the economy, but it's not gone.   You will always be able to identify what the money earned for you:   experience, hindsight, and knowledge with which to move forward to the next investment opportunity.

In order to grab and hold onto a millionaire mindset, you must open your mind to investment possibilities.   Next time you're faced with a decision to invest, rather than saying "It's too much," consider asking yourself, "What's it worth?"

If the answer outshines the question, then don't hesitate to invest in your most valuable commodity:   YOURSELF!

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at


Overcome obstacles by turning them into 'reasons why.'

What is the difference between someone who is really successful and the place you find yourself in right now? Do you think they had fewer challenges or obstacles? Do you think they had special talents or skills? Do you think they had endless supplies of capital? Or did they simply approach obstacles with a completely different mindset?

Turn your Obstacles into Reasons Why

A good friend of mine by the name of Carrie Wilkerson has a saying that I love. Incidentally she is known as the Barefoot Executive. She says that you have to turn your obstacles into reasons why. So when you look at your business and the challenges that you are facing you have to turn them on their head. Instead of them being the reason that you back off, they need to be the reason why you move forward.

For example: I knew that at one point in my business I did not have the resources I needed to grow my business. That obstacle became the reason why I needed to fix it. I wanted to grow my business so it didn't matter that I didn't have the resources, because I wanted to, I needed to find a solution. As another example: Because I didn't have enough money to hire an assistant or someone to help me in my business. That was exactly why I needed to overcome that obstacle.   It may sound crazy, but adjusting your mindset and approach to obstacles is one of the most empowering things that you can do for your business. It takes you from a place of looking at an obstacle in defeat to being determined to find a solution to overcoming it.

Tips to help you believe that all Obstacles are solvable

•      Recognize that you are a talented individual that has achieved amazing things in your business so far. Look back on your accomplishments. They can encourage you to keep pressing on towards your goals.

•      The mere fact that you are reading up on ways to overcoming obstacles and growing your business means that you are already taking a step in the right direction. It is something to be applauded.

•      Listen to that feeling inside that says you want to achieve more. That desire to want to play a bigger game and achieve a greater level of success is what will help drive you and find solutions.

•      Don't stop. Don't back down from a challenge or give up at an obstacle. Turn it around and make it your reason why you need to overcome it.

Sometimes many of the reasons people back down from a challenge is because of their personal fears or insecurities. You need to remember that obstacles seldom just go away, and problems don't just solve themselves. All obstacles can be solvable if you keep working towards solving them. But you need to put in the effort. You may not have the solutions in a day or a week, but over time your concerted and dedicated efforts are sure to pay off.

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

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