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You've finally make the decision to start a blog! Kudos to you.

Before you begin, here are a few steps to follow in order to make your blog an interesting site that will attract readers and build your list.

•      Choose the right software. Using the right software will make your blog stand out among the many thousands on the internet. WordPress is a good choice because it offers many features that can be customized to suit your needs.

•      Select keywords. Your keywords are the areas in which you want to be ranked on search engines. For example, you might select coaching, training and self-improvement.

•      Write your blog. Include your keywords in the post, but be sure to write something interesting, even controversial, that will catch readers' attention and that they'll want to share.

•      Use creative content. Use link bait and tweet bait to creatively attract readers. Post information that is easily shared, such as top 10 lists. Visitors can link from the list to your site, or tweet it to their network. Your internet ratings will instantly increase.

•      Publicize it. Twitter is one of the fastest, easiest ways to publicize your blog. As soon as you tweet it, anyone following you will see it and, hopefully retweet.

Getting started with a blog really isn't complicated and can be a lot of fun!     Once your blog is up and running, it's important to keep yourself motivated to stay with it.

Keep your eyes on the prize. One of the best things you can do is to constantly remind yourself of your goals. Write down three things that you want to achieve, and put it where you will see it every single morning. You don't have to look at it all day long, but starting your day with those three things in mind will inspire you, especially if you're having difficulty coming up with your blog for the day.

Do what you love. Make sure that you are blogging about something you're passionate about. Of course, you want to make money. But it's important to remember that blogging is personal. If your heart isn't in what you are writing, your readers will sense that and they'll be turned off. Why should they want your offering if you don't even seem excited by it?

If you follow these steps, you can be on your way to creating a successful blog; one that attracts visitors with information they can't wait to share.

Bernadette Doyle created Client Magnets Ltd to help self-employed people solve one of their biggest business problems: attract a steady stream of clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

When you meet someone for the first time, you have a chance to make a real connection, or you can just pass on your name and be forgotten. Successful relationship-building requires more than just handing out business cards. To build long-lasting, solid and mutually-beneficial relationships, a little homework and a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Here are my tips for making an impression that brings lasting results …

Research the People You're Meeting

If you're meeting someone in particular, research the person or people you're meeting. Lots of resources exist that can give you both professional and personal reference material. The Web is a source of myriad information, with things like company websites, personal bios, work histories, resumes, portfolios; depending on who you're meeting, you may be able to find a wide range of information about your contact.

If the Web doesn't yield any useful information, you could check with the company where your contact works, to see if they have any marketing information containing professional info about your contact. You could also check periodicals, such as magazine stories, newspaper articles or professional interviews. Depending on how public the person is that you're meeting, you may be able to find everything from the name of a spouse to the first place he or she worked out of college.

Use the information you find when you meet your contact. Talk about common interests, such as being dog owners, adoptive parents, yachters; whatever common bond you can form with your contact can help you form a good relationship. Ask about things near and dear to the person's heart - not just business talk - and you're well on your way to forming a real connection.

Ask Questions and Show Genuine Interest

Get to know people to form real connections. Ask questions about everything; not just their professional life, but their personal interests and family life, too. The more you can show that you understand, know and really "get" the person, the better your relationship will be, and the more business opportunities you're likely to gain. Be a real person to your connections, too - if your new business partner volunteers information about his wife, talk about your wife. The more personal you can make your relationships with people, the better your long-term success with those relationships will be.

Have Fun Making Connections With All People

Everyone can have fun building good relationships - all you have to do is be genuinely interested in people. Enjoy getting to know your business colleagues, or even that woman you met on the street the other day. Forming connections with people can help in all aspects of your life, and even random connections can help your business in unexpected ways. You never know when someone will refer a key contact; an affiliate who may have great products for your prospects, or a business or distributor that could make your product a high-demand success!

Don't just see people as stepping stones to a better business. Form real, legitimate connections by getting to know people, and I promise good business will naturally follow.

When you think about writing a blog, which do you think is more important?

• Focusing on the content that you're sharing with readers, expecting that people will read your blogs because of the quality and value your blogs provide.

• Concentrating on how your blog will rank in the search engines and cramming every relatable keyword possible into your post.

Writing for the person is much more important than writing for the search engines. Your blog should demonstrate your expertise to your target niche and convey your passion for what you're doing. It should come from your heart. That is how you will connect with your readers and why they will share your blog with their network.

That doesn't mean that SEO isn't important, however. Offering quality and value in your content won't do any good if people can't readily find it.

Optimize your blog for SEO purposes with links. Be sure to include proper links to legitimate, respected sites; don't just buy links or list them in directories.

Another way to help your blog rank higher on search engines is to add tags. This is something overlooked by many people, but there is real value in tags.

Adding tags is a relatively simple process. If you are using WordPress, look for the tags link, then click "create" under tags. Type your tag, which is basically your description of your post, into that little area.

If, for example, I were to write a post about the top 30 Internet coaches, I would list each person's name in that area. That will show Google – or other search engines - that information about that particular person is going to appear in my blog post. The search engine will actually create a category of sorts about the person. People looking up that person will see all the posts online about them,   including mine.

Yanik Silver, one of my mentors who has hundreds of thousands of followers, was tagged by blogging entrepreneur Michael Dunlop in a post about the top 30 things to do before you die. Yanik runs Maverick Business Adventures, a wonderful company that offers unique trips around the world to people with plenty of money to take them.

In his adventure program, Yanik offers one of the top 30 things Michael writes about in his blog. That is why Michael tagged him. Michael's blog ranked seventh in search engines when people looked up Yanik, which drew an incredible amount of traffic to his site.

All he did was add the tag. This is something you can do with every post. If you tag the name of a prominent person because they are relevant to the blog you've written and the niche you're writing for, more people searching for that person will have the opportunity to come across your post.

So, post a list on your next blog, and tag the names on it. It will give your post a higher ranking, maybe on the first page on Google. It's an easy way to draw traffic. And, in many instances, because that traffic will be people in your target niche, they will probably be interested in what you have to offer.

Bernadette Doyle created Client Magnets Ltd to help self-employed people solve one of their biggest business problems: attract a steady stream of clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

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