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Whether you're running a race or singing an aria, the ability to breathe in enough air quickly can make all the difference in your performance. Breathe in, breathe out.

That essential element, oxygen, flows in and feeds the processes fueling your performance. In the same way, knowledge feeds the processes that bring success. Being able to absorb large blocks of knowledge quickly is called "transference" and it's going to propel you toward prosperity like nothing else.

The Knowledge You Need is Already Out There

Like an abundant supply of fresh air, knowledge is readily available for those who seek it. The secret is to get in front of people who have already done what you want to do. By being in their presence, listening to them and what they know, transference of knowledge can take place quickly. In other words, a huge handing off of knowledge takes place in a short period of time.

Some of us think we have to sweat and struggle, twist and turn through our journey to prosperity, when the truth is there are already people who know what we need to know to move forward. Becoming tuned into those people, recognizing when you're being given the gift of knowledge, is a trait truly successful people cultivate.

The goal, then, is to identify those special people. Listen to what they have to say with your mind wide open to all the possibilities. Don't allow your automatic roadblocks to pop up and shut down the transfer of knowledge. When you can do that, that's when you begin to move forward by leaps and bounds toward your goals.
Here are some ideas for finding the people with the knowledge you need:

1. Who is most successful in your field? Offer to buy them lunch in exchange for an hour answering your questions. Respect their time and come prepared with a list if you're hoping for follow-up time later.

2. Invest in a consultant. But don't pick someone from the phone book! Have they done what you hope to do? Paying someone to help you avoid the big pitfalls is a great investment, if you choose carefully.

3.Join or form a mastermind group. Like you, there are others who have found success in specific areas but need help in others. Pool that combined knowledge in a mastermind group and help each other find solutions. Weekly calls with your group can keep you from wasting time on things that don't work.

Become Intensely Aware of Life's Learning Opportunities

The single key factor in the amazing success many people achieve is the ability to recognize learning opportunities. What looks like failure to someone else could, instead, look like a way to learn quickly what not to do next time.

Once you've found someone with the information you need at this point in your life, take a deep breath and get ready to learn. The worst thing you can do, when life hands you the opportunity to learn quickly, is start throwing out objections. Some common ones are, "That can't possibly work" or "My situation is different."

I'm not advocating indiscriminate learning. But you can suspend your disbelief long enough to hear what someone else has to say. That simple act of truly being able to listen without critiquing allows the knowledge to flow in and begin to change the way you think.

Remain tuned into the ways life brings exactly the knowledge you need. Cultivate an awareness of what can be learned in every situation. Each chance encounter, whether on a plane, in a meeting or at a party brings with it the possibility that transference of information can occur, if you're ready.

For anyone selling their services as a small or solo business, you know the perils and pitfalls of cash flow.   From the time you make your initial contact with a prospect, to the time you get paid can be weeks, even months.   It's amazing how few employers understand what it's like for the self-employed and as a result, they tend to make assumptions about what is reasonable to ask of us before we get paid.

So, while you may have plenty of business in the pipeline, it's not generating the cash you need to keep going.   You need to establish a steady flow of income.

So how do we generate quick cash?   The quickest way to generate cash is to hold an open course.   While off-the-shelf products are wonderful passive income generators and are income producing in the long run, they take production and creation time.   Open courses basically take one day AND you're getting paid up front.

A very important realization in this process is to stop selling your time hour by hour to one client.   That is going to restrict your cash flow.   You need to sell your expertise, not your time.   Your time is too limited; it's not going to generate enough income and cash flow.   Your expertise is another matter altogether.

Now, your first open course may not start off fully booked.   Direct response marketing takes time to figure out.   Back when I first started out, it took a little time to find out what marketing worked for me.       I was getting 16 people coming to a course and charging £250 a day per person.   One open course that took one day of my time was generating over £3,000 of revenue. Since then, I've topped those figures over and over!   But this will give you an idea of the results you can achieve, even when you're first starting out.

Of course, you're going to have some associated expenses such as the marketing material and the hotel bill.   I ended up pocketing £1,500 to £2,000 for a day's work in which I was paid up front.   Compare this to your pay for a session with a client where you may need to wait weeks for payment.

If you plan one open course per month, you're not just generating revenue; you're establishing a regular cash flow.   Now you have something to count on so you can withstand the longer sales cycle of the typical sale.   But even better, you've given yourself an alternative.   You've made it easier to walk away if a client isn't willing to pay your going rate.   If you have that alternative waiting in the wings, it shows in your attitude and mindset.

You're going to be amazed at the transformation having this choice offers.   There's going to be additional benefits besides establishing a steady cash flow, you've also increased your value.   You've created a mindset in which you have a choice and this choice also helps put you in the power position when you're negotiating a sales contract.   It's also going to be a factor when you're setting your prices.

That's what being a Client Magnet is about – it's about taking matters into your own hands.   It's about creating alternatives and putting yourself in a position where you can pick and choose your clients.   It's about maneuvering yourself into a situation where you're not desperate because of the slow or no cash flow.   It's about selling your knowledge and expertise, not your limited time.   Now that you've determined that there are alternatives, you've taken the matter of getting paid into your own hands and as a result, you've taken a giant step towards becoming a true Client Magnet.

Bernadette Doyle is a small business marketing expert. Get more tips and advice at

You may think that giving a talk or speech isn't going to benefit YOUR business.   Perhaps you believe it to be a tool that will work only in certain niches.   I'd like to tell you that speaking engagements absolutely can help build lists and generate leads for any type of business.   Why does it work?

Getting Up Close & Personal
First and foremost, making a speech gives those interested in your product a chance to meet you in person.   These days many marketing tools are online and impersonal, such as email and websites.   Giving a talk lets prospective clients see the real you in action.   They get a taste of your personality and your skills whilst seeing what you can offer for their business.

Let me take a moment to mention who your best audience is going to be for speaking engagements.   Remember the 80/20 rule in this instance.   It's the rule that states that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your clients.   Of course, it's that 20% that you should focus on.   Not just in terms of giving speeches directly to them, but giving speeches regarding the products and services that hold their interest as well.

Declaring Your Expertise
Not only do these speaking engagements give people the opportunity to meet you and make a personal connection, but it raises your profile in your field.     One of the tools in getting clients to come to you, rather than you having to reach out to each of them, has been to establish yourself as the expert in your field.   Since no one is going to present you with a certificate declaring you an expert, you need to simply step up and claim expertise.   Giving a talk in your field of expertise is just another step towards establishing yourself as the €˜go-to person' for a particular service or product.

Expanding Experience
Whilst these reasons should be enough to have you thinking that speeches and talks may be a good step to take to build our business", there's another benefit.   That benefit is your personal growth and experience.   Speaking engagements can help you build confidence and communication skills.   When I first started my business, I would talk to any group who would listen – even my local Brownie group if they would have had me!   Every speech you give is one more notch in your experience belt.

The Bottom Line, Literally
The last, but certainly not least, reason for you to give talks or lectures is the opportunity to promote yourself and sell your product.   Think about it, the audience that comes to listen to a talk is in a different mindset than those who are coming to sit through a sales presentation.

Giving informational talks is the perfect opportunity to sell to an audience whose sales defenses are down.   Not only are their defenses down, but just by their attendance in the audience, you know that they are interested in your product.   It makes the perfect targeted audience and one you should have on your potential client list.

Whilst you may have thought that speaking engagements may not help your particular business, I urge you to think again.   It's the perfect opportunity to create a personal connection, declare your expertise, build speaking skills and yes, get some sales in the process.

Bernadette Doyle is a small business marketing expert. Get more tips and advice at

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