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On this call, Bernadette is joined by Small Business Marketing Coach, James Roche. Together they will show you exactly how to make more money and free up your time using James’ simple and time-tested model.


Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

8:00pm UK Time (3pm EASTERN, 12 noon PACIFIC)

TOPIC:   *How to Attract More Clients and Make Money Online*

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• The BEST techniques that will get you clear and focused on your business and programs within minutes (It's
actually a metaphor that simplifies all your marketing efforts.)…

* A profound map of success that has been used for centuries, but is largely overlooked today in the age of the Internet…

* Techniques to generate countless profitable business ideas for years to come…

* How to attract more of your ideal clients by doing what you love…

* How to grow your business and do more of what you love without exhausting yourself

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Some people say there are no shortcuts on the road to success.

I say that for your business journey to reach a successful destination in the most efficient and effective manner possible, it's all about taking a shortcut. The whole idea is to save yourself valuable time on the way to realizing your goals.

Learning all you can from the resources available to you and investing in the right mentors, the right education and the right products is like taking a shortcut to your business success. Rather than randomly trying this and implementing that, you will save time and make more money by learning from those who already have the information you're looking for.

Why recreate the wheel when someone else has already invented it?

One of the best shortcuts you can take is to connect yourself with successful business people who are already getting the results you want to achieve. They've been there, done that and know what works and what doesn't. They are a vault of valuable information and resources that can swiftly propel you down that road to success.

combinationlockA wise person once told me that the road to success is like a combination lock. If you don't have the combination, that road can be long - and expensive. All you need is the combination that unlocks that vault.

Those people who already know how to do something you want to do have the combination. They can unlock all the information you need access to. It makes more sense for you to pay them to give you the shortcuts than to spend months or years trying to figure it out on your own.

Time and time again, I invest in getting the combination secrets from the people who know them. I defy you to show me one successful person who doesn't continually invest in themselves and their education.

Taking a shortcut isn't cheating; you still need to pay to find out what the secrets are. This will require you to step up a bit and make both psychological and financial commitments and investments.

I had to do this a number of   years ago, when I invested $1,000 - which I thought an exorbitant amount of money at the time - to learn a special technique for launching new products.   Six months later I launched a product following the techniques I learned from that investment, and made more than $49,000 in sales.

Stepping up and paying for that shortcut really does pay off.

You simply need to get yourself through the psychological barriers that stop you from going down that path. You have to convince yourself that there is a shortcut to your goals, but that like everything that is worthwhile, it comes with a price.

You will discover that you will earn so much more revenue as a direct result of paying for that shortcut.

Bernadette Doyle created Client Magnets to help self-employed people solve one of their biggest business problems: attract a steady stream of clients Register FREE for access to her Stepping Up teleseminar series


When expectations go wrong, stay inspired and propel forward with determination.

Do you have expectations about what you will accomplish today?   If you do, how much weight have you asked those expectations to bear? If each and every expectation you've set doesn't come to fruition, will an entire project, a whole idea, or a complete career come crashing down on you?   OR will you be inspired and propelled forward with even more determination than before?

Expectations are fickle creatures.   A fine line must be drawn when establishing them.   They can be springboards to success, or the plugs that if pulled, will drain the water into which you're diving.   How do you react when your expectations go wrong?   As you think about your own circumstances, I want to share this story with you with the hope you'll be inspired …


A popular television show in the U.K. gives supermarket store employees chances to lead projects of their choosing – projects that hold the potential to change the way that this particular supermarket conducts business.

One employee has a stellar idea:   she proposes that the store sets up designated areas where the ingredients to create certain meals are housed together, on the same shelf.   It's one-stop-shopping for busy cooks – Spaghetti Bolognese or Sesame Chicken ingredients all within a two-square-foot area.

The project leader, who we'll call Sara, has the full support of her coworkers and her supervisors.   It's a terrific idea, and everyone believes that it will please the customers and continue as a staple operation in the store.

But, during the first day of one-stop-ingredient sales, Sara must pitch the idea to store customers.   She's in charge of touting its convenience and its time-saving potential in the name of its success.   But she chokes up.   Her nerves get the best of her and she falls apart when speaking.

The first day's sales aren't what she expected. She blames this on her poor speaking ability and throws in the one-stop-shop-ingredient towel.   The coworkers who were so supportive of her ideas are now investing all of their energies into attempting to build her confidence and convince her to carry on.   She should be leading them, but instead, she's leaning on them for support following the shattering of her expectations.


In this example, Sara erroneously focused on one specific portion of her job (her weakest point), and made it the crux of her success.   Because this expectation was overloaded, it played the role of a breaking point instead of a learning experience.

Had Sara pressed on, she would have likely gained experience each day, making her public speaking better as timed passed.   She could have even used this experience to delegate speaking to others in the future, had she persevered.

Anyone who desires to be successful in the business world must set goals and targets for themselves, but when those goals turn into expectations that hold the responsibility of propping up the rest of their potential success, resilience can be difficult.   It's like putting every egg into one basket, and then enduring hunger pains after the basket has been dropped.

Instead of expecting perfect success every time, turn your attentions toward expecting the unexpected.   Be flexible.   Know that things will go awry.   Know that other things will go tremendously well.

Expect anything, and everything will seem like nothing; but expect nothing, and anything will seem like everything.

Bernadette Doyle created Client Magnets to help self-employed people solve one of their biggest business problems: attract a steady stream of clients Register FREE for access to her Stepping Up teleseminar series

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