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Are you someone that likes to work solo? I'm guessing you said yes to that question. Let's face it, most business owners are independent type of people that like to do things themselves. That way they know that the quality being delivered is consistent and that the job is being done. The problem with that is as one person you have a limited capacity. How big are your dreams? Most often they will extend beyond your capacity which means that you need to bring a team on board to help you. How do you make that transition from working on your own to working with a team?

There's more than One Way to Build a Team

Most independent entrepreneurs are wary about bringing additional people on board. In the traditional sense there are added salaries, office space and equipment to be considered. Then there is also the task of finding the right people, employing and training them up and managing them. From that perspective it is easy to see why most individual business owners try stay away from working with a team. It simply adds too many complications to the business process.

However, thanks to advances in technology you do not need to take on all of these things in order to create a team for your business. I have a business team of eight people that are an important part of my growth, yet none of them work for me full time in my office. Instead they are all functioning in a virtual environment and work for me part-time on a free lance basis. This works really well because I do not have the hassle of drawing up employment contracts and trying to keep staff motivated.   Each one of my team has an independent business and they provide their services to me as and when I need them. This results in a great amount of flexibility and improves the efficiency of my business. I am never carrying dead weight in my business. Each task and function that is carried out is specific and over a set period of time.   Being able to work with a team like this can really help you to grow your business.   There are a few new skills that you need to learn in terms of delegating and working with other people but the results are just amazing. A team can help you quickly ramp up your business and get you operating at the level you want to be at.

Tips for Choosing Team Players

•       Think of tasks that take a lot of your time that you may be able to delegate to other skilled people. Things like administration, writing, or planning seminars.

•       Look at the area where you provide the most valuable input to your business. That is what you want to spend most of your time doing. The rest you can start to delegate.

•       Look for people that are operating independent businesses in a virtual environment. Creating a team with these types of people helps you to keep your costs down.

•       Start out with just one person who can take care of some of the admin for you. Then as you get more comfortable with sharing responsibility you can gradually bring more people on board.

Having an efficient team is one way in which you can speed up the growth of your business. Because you are not trying to do everything yourself you have more time to focus on what you are really good at. This could be dealing directly with clients, managing the operations or giving workshops, courses and seminars. A great team can be a valuable asset to your business and can help fast track you to achieving your goals.

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Use the power of delegation to develop and grow your business.

Many entrepreneurs are solo business people. They are doing everything in their business from sourcing leads and seeing clients to doing the accounting and filing. Now there is some wisdom to keeping costs low when you start out so that your business has the opportunity to get established. But at some point you are not going to have the capacity to keep doing everything yourself and still be able to grow and run your business.

So, how can you use people to help you get organized and develop your information empire?   It's starts with your thinking and perception about the power of delegation.   Here are some thoughts to help …

1. Some People love the Jobs you hate

Most entrepreneurs are creative people. They love ideas and creating products and programs for their clients. When doing those things, that's when they feel most energetic and inspired. But the tasks they often get stuck doing are admin, filing, booking keeping or other similar tedious tasks. You know what those tasks are because just talking about them usually makes your heart sink.

The good news is that somewhere in the world is someone who just loves doing the jobs you hate. I know it's sometimes difficult to believe that there are people that love doing admin, but it's true. There are many excellent personal assistants and administrators out there that thrive on being super organized and helping other people in their businesses.

2.   Your Business will only Grow when you're not bogged down with the tedious tasks

Your   first objection may be that personal assistants cost money and take time to train up. But think of it from a different perspective for a moment. Is it really beneficial for you and your business to be struggling along and doing the things that you hate?   Wouldn't it be better to pass across tasks to someone who would be far more efficient at doing them? Then you could focus on doing the tasks you love and enjoy. The truth is that your business will grow when you are not bogged down doing tedious tasks. So consider ways in which you can get organized and use other people and their expertise to help you develop your business into an information empire.

3.   Get People Involved in your Business:

Consider which tasks take up a lot of your time that you don't particularly enjoy doing. Are these things that you could delegate to someone else?   There are many ways to bring people on board and make use of their expertise. It doesn't need to be a huge expense or long term commitment. You can hire people for individual tasks or a single project.

Don't be afraid to delegate. There are people that love doing the tasks you hate to do. Be aware that your business will run more efficiently when you have people supporting your efforts and taking on the tasks that they are better equipped to do.

Too often entrepreneurs operate in chaos because they think that taking on help will simply cost too much and won't really benefit their business. However, a well organized business is far more likely to be more profitable than one that is chaotic. Bringing people on board can help you get organized and achieve your business goals, so open your mind to the idea and start to get more organized today.


Support from family and friends can prove to be invaluable.

If you are a solo entrepreneur, so often the only people you have to bounce ideas off are your family or close friends. Do they really understand what your business is about? Can they give you with the right type of advice or encouragement when you need it? Or do you have to try figure out everything on your own? Would they be interested in attending a workshop with you and would it be worth it?

Here are some thoughts and real life scenarios on the subject.   See what you think …

Your family members are often the people who provide you with encouragement when you need it, so it's useful for them to understand more about the business model you are working towards.

That way when you ask for input or are debating about whether to implement a certain strategy in a certain way, you have someone who understands the principles of what you are trying to do giving you feedback.

I often encourage my clients, that if they have a partner they want to bring along to my workshops, they should do so. So many of my clients are solo entrepreneurs and it can be difficult always trying to figure out stuff on your own. If your partner or member of your family understands something about your business model, they can help you to brainstorm ideas and remind you about some of the principles if you are unsure of your next step.

They may get so excited your business that they may choose to get more involved and help you with aspects of your business. This was the case for two of my clients.

Firstly,   let's talk about Jane.   Jane brought her 15 year old son to one of my workshops. He was the youngest participant of the group. Like most teenagers he is highly computer literate and enjoys creative design work. But the benefit to Jane is now when she talks about her business strategies he knows exactly what she is talking about. He has also helped her design the cover for her first product and a banner to place on her web page.   Then there was Gail.   She also brought her partner along to a workshop. Gail reflects that it is so great that he now understands more about her business. He's quite technically minded so has been able to help her with the technical aspects of running her websites. Because he understands the principles of her growing information empire, he is often the voice of reason for Gail. He is the one encouraging her to price her programs at their true value and to think bigger.

So as you can see from these examples, there can be some great reasons to get family involved in your business:

Reason #1: When they understand the business model you are working towards and why you are doing what you are doing, it is like getting them onboard as a partner.

Reason #2: Understanding the business principles means that they can be a sounding board for ideas and strategies that you want to implement.

Reason #3: They may have talents or skills that you can use in your business and they may want to get more involved in it because they want to see it succeed.

Reason #4: As a solo entrepreneur you need encouragement from time to time. A partner or family member who understands your business will be able to provide the right kind of encouragement.

It makes running your own business so much easier when your family or partner is on board with you. Their encouragement and input can prove to be invaluable when you need a sounding board for implementing ideas and strategies.

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