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Have you ever hosted a free teleseminar (one in which you charge no participation fees), with the intent to sell a product, and you've gotten feedback like, "Great content," or "I learned a lot," or "You're really knowledgeable in your field"?

Despite your blush at the flattery, were your sales numbers from the teleseminar lackluster?   Was your conversion rate uninspiring?

It's not difficult to figure out what may have happened in this situation.   You've offered too much valuable information, and didn't start your teleseminar with the end in mind:   the sale.

When conducting a free teleseminar your main concern should be with the quality of the content…the value of the information that you're passing on.   But how do you balance sharing great content without giving too much away and losing the sale?

• No one who has registered for your free teleseminar has paid a dime (other than maybe the dial-in fee).   If you give them too much, they will walk away with your valuables, free of charge.   If you give them less information, but offer them an opportunity to learn more and to walk away with something that they've deemed valuable, even if there is a cost involved, you will have succeeded in your tele-endeavor.

• Your offer needs to be developed from your opening. Even though the attempt at sales will come at the end of the free teleseminar, you must keep your goal in mind when you utter your first sentence.

• Your sales pitch must seamlessly tie into the rest of the teleseminar.   Delivering a wealth of information and then tacking on a sales pitch at the end rarely works.   Your sales pitch should be less like a birthday surprise and more like the end result of a lengthy birthday celebration preparation.

• Don't squeeze every bit of valuable information you can think of into your teleseminar.   Instead, work to weave education with sales presentation.   When this is done correctly, you'll be priming your prospects to buy, but they will view it as free information.   In short, create a monologue that will make purchase seem like the next logical step to your listeners.

• Use your sense of responsibility to your participants to offer them something of value.   Whether your teleseminar is 30 or 60 minutes in length, there's a good chance that you'll never be able to cram everything they need to know about your topic into that timeframe.   In fact, if you do try to cram it in, you'll likely be delivering an incomprehensible mess.   When you offer a chance for them to learn about the rest of the story at the end, you're delivering value and offering a service.   Often, you can only make the biggest difference in the lives of your customers by offering more than you can give away for free.

The no-fee teleseminar can be a great selling tool.   When people invest 30 or 60 minutes of their time, they'll naturally want to know about their next step.   When you give them that step, in the form of your product or service, after priming them to want more, they'll be apt to buy.

So don't view the free teleseminar as "the cost of doing business."   Rather, view it as a valuable tool for garnishing your conversion rates, realizing your unique success, and balancing the teleseminar ledger.

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“The 6 Keys To Making BIG, BOLD Leaps

In Your Business And Your Life”


Thursday 16 September

bernadetteflyingAre you feeling it’s time for you to make a serious decision regarding your success? Have you reached a point you know you’ve just got to commit to do what it takes? Time to break through the plateau and take it to the next level?

If that sounds like you, you may be ready to be considered for my new LEAP programme. And I’d like to tell you all about it on a special webinar happening next week.
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On this special call, you’ll discover…

How to stop climbing rung by rung and start making LEAPS instead

The critical mindset shift that helped me to LEAP into a million dollar plus business - and how you must think to make YOUR Big Leap

How to Have BIG Income Leaps in Your Business - without Working Longer or Harder (And I’m qualified to talk about this having DOUBLED or TRIPLED my income year after year for the past 4 years - I can show you HOW!)

The ‘invisible’ barriers that are blocking YOUR next Big Leap and how to dissolve them

How to move through fear and find the confidence and faith to make your own BIG BOLD LEAPS

The difference between ‘Leaps of Fear’ and ‘Leaps of Faith’ and how to ensure that YOUR next LEAP will pay off

Get all the details and register HERE (and remember to turn up your speakers to enjoy the special video I created for you)

Best Wishes,

Bernadette Doyle

How To Set Up Your Business So the Media Contacts YOU


Recent studies show that 79% of all major media find their resources and story ideas from blogs and the Internet. So, yes, the major media really will call you… but only if your web presence has instant credibility and the ability to stand out from the crowded pack.

On this call Bernadette is joined by Suzanne Falter-Barns. You’ll learn how to attract calls from some of the biggest media available today, as well as major publisher book deals.

Join us for this call!!


Tuesday, 31st August, 2010, 8:00pm UK Time (3pm EASTERN, 12 noon PACIFIC)

TOPIC:   *How To Set Up Your Business So the Media Contacts YOU*

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I look forward to "meeting" you on our call.

Best Wishes

Bernadette Doyle

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