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abovethefoldWhen newspapers are laid out on stands or in vending machines, the part of the paper you normally see is the top. The headline. That part of the paper is considered the fold.

The paper is always folded over so that you see only the bit that's above the fold. That's where you see the attention-catching headline that makes you want to buy the newspaper.

This concept also applies to direct mail. It is actually a very important aspect of direct mail because the information that you most want people to see needs to appear at the top third of the paper. In this case, "above the fold" refers to the piece of a letter or a mailing that people read before they have unfolded it. You want that information to be compelling enough to make them want to unfold that paper and continue reading.

Keep this concept of "above the fold" in mind as you create and develop your squeeze pages, too.

On a webpage, "above the fold" basically refers to what people can see in their browser.

If someone has a huge monitor they will be able to see a big part of your webpage at one time. But more and more people use laptops and smaller devices with smaller screens, including Blackberries and phones, to view webpages.

This means that the area above the fold is getting smaller and smaller and smaller.

You need as much of the relevant information about your business as possible to appear above the fold. Your opt-in box - the specific box where people put in their name and their email address - should be right at the top of your page.

For example, if you are giving away a free CD or a free report, you should insert the opt-in box above the fold.

In the past, people would scroll down pages on a website looking for information, but it's a fact that the attention span online is getting shorter and shorter. Fewer people scroll through pages anymore. If you click on a page and don't immediately see what you're looking for, how long would you stay on that page?

Everything relevant should appear at the top so people don't need to scroll down.

Make certain that all of your most powerful and motivating information, your most compelling headline, your best bullet, your best offer, and your best call to action appear above the fold wherever possible. Catch people's attention right away and make them want to buy what you're offering.

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The thank you page is one of the most overlooked places of real estate on the web.

That quote, from one of my mentors, Yanik Silver, speaks volumes. There is so much opportunity to promote more business and further your relationship with a new client on your thank-you page.

That client has just indicated that they trust you by opting in to your offer. Signing up to your list is a sign that they want to hear more from you.     Don't let them leave wanting; offer them even more before they click off your thank-you page.

When developing your thank you page, think about what you can do to increase your client's involvement. Marketing research has shown that the more people are involved, the more likely they are to buy - again.

That's one reason companies hand out scratch-off cards with prizes or discounts hidden beneath the ink. It's called an involvement device. When someone physically has to do something, it increases their involvement, which increases response and increases conversion.

The content on your thank you page needs to be relevant to your target market. Think about what you want them to do next, where you want them redirected to, and if there's an opportunity to make them another offer.

There are several key ways you can accomplish this.

•      Make another offer. While letting the client know you're glad they signed up, also let them know about another offering. Make a special offer. Offer a special prize or a special bonus that new clients will receive, but only if they sign up there and then.     Remember to use language that encourages action.   For example, "This is the only time you will see this offer. It's for new subscribers only and you won't have access to it again."

•      Ask for more information. Once a new prospect joins your list, ask them to describe their biggest problem. You can then direct them to other offers you may have to help with the problem, or develop that new offering if you don't have one.

•       Create a "tell a friend" campaign. Invite people to tell three friends about your offering in exchange for a special bonus. "Congratulations. Your place on the call is reserved. But just before we continue I would like to offer you this free gift…….."

Everyone who opts in helps you spread the word to other people. This will make a massive difference to your opt-ins and really help to increase your list. You can automate this process using Viral Friend Generator software.

When saying "thank you", the key is to include only one of these options on your page. Either attempt an additional sale by making another offer, ask new clients for more information, or create a tell-a-friend page.

Any one of these options added to your thank-you page will start increasing your sales immediately.

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