Whoo-hoo-hoo - today I’m celebrating over 18,000 likes on my fan page :-)

And it’s happened in record time - over 12,000 new fans in just the last 3 months alone!

It’s a great feeling to connect with like-minded people and to have the opportunity to serve and share my message this way.

And it’s good for business too. I’m getting 150-200 new subscribers to my email list every single day thanks to Facebook :-)

(And of course, thanks to some ninja marketing techniques I’ve discovered along the way. More about those later….)

Of course subscribers aren’t buyers - but thanks to some automated conversion systems I put in place, I’m generating new sales every single day. In fact, I just checked my figures and today I’ve made $1234.69 thanks to Facebook.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been asked over and over, ‘how did you do it’? Many of you have been begging me to show you how to increase your fan-page likes and get more paying clients and customers using Facebook.

And now I’m ready to show you how….

So for one time only, on 13 February, for 6 content packed hours, I’m going to reveal my Facebook Marketing Secrets.

I will walk you through, step-by-step and show you what I’ve done over the past few months to attract clients and customers using facebook. I’m going to give you real examples and take you behind the scenes to reveal the strategy behind my posts. I’ll show you how I use a combination of content and promotion to get the best results.

But you need to act FAST!

There are only 100 spots available and 28 35 42  61 have already been snapped up, so you’ll need to move fast if you want to be part of this. You can sign up here.

I’m going to be delivering this training via four 90 minute webinars on Wednesday 13 February- so that means you can join me from the comfort of your home or office, from anywhere in the world. No need to travel. No nights away from home.

And if for any reason you can’t make all or any part of the day - it’s all recorded for your convenience - so you can watch later, or review any parts you’d like to spend more time on.

If you can attend live that would be great, because then you can get answers to your questions in real time. But if you can’t make it, no worries - you’ll get full recordings of EVERYTHING.

And just before I give you a glimpse of how I get results on Facebook, let me tell you what I DON’T do. I don’t spend hours on Facebook day after day. I’m going to show you how to get results in just minutes a day - when you have the right plan.

Here’s a sampling of what I will cover:

  • How I attracted over 16,000 new Facebook fans in less than 8 months (Want proof? See it here)
  • Viral Marketing Secrets - how I accidentally discovered a technique that make my posts go viral, so I reach more of my target audience without spending a penny!
  • How I plan and schedule over 80% of my Facebook posts in less than 1 hour a month.
  • How to keep fans engaged and commenting on your page - no tumbleweed here!
  • Facebook Advertising made simple - the biggest mistakes people make and how to avoid them (I learned these the hard way)
  • How to combine different types of facebook ads for best results (and to get the most from your marketing buck)
  • How to systematise the process so it works without you having to constantly ‘work it’
  • And much more….

So what’s the cost of attending this one time event?

Well up until now, I’ve only shared these secrets with my coaching clients who invest thousands each year to work with me, but I want to make this affordable.

And I know these secrets can make a MASSIVE difference to your income (remember today I made $1234.69 on autopilot just through facebook!)

So after a little to-ing and fro-ing I’ve settled on a highly affordable $297.

I suggest you take care of this right now. At the time of writing we have just 72 65 58 29 spots remaining, so you need to move fast.

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Planning “Touches” To Market Your Business

When marketing your business, your marketing success directly correlates with how well and how frequently you’ve reached out to your potential clients. Each time you reach out to your target client, that is considered a ‘touch’.  The key to gaining the maximum number of clients and creating strong relationships is to plan the right number, and the right type, of touches at the right time.


Types of Touches

There are tons of ways you can reach out and touch your potential clients. An email is a touch. A phone call is a touch. A post card is a touch. A sales letter is a touch. A tele-seminar is a touch. Most clients respond best when they receive a variety of touches; not just a single type of touch over and over again.


For example, in planning an event, you might arrange a dozen different types of touches for your potential attendees. You might start with a “save-the-date” email, and then follow up with a “pre-registration” email. Or you might send a pre-launch postcard, or a sales letter informing potential attendees of your event. You might then mention the event in a podcast or tele-seminar. To follow up, you might send a postcard, or a direct mail piece.


Be creative in the touches you use. Avoid using the same type of touch twice in a row, and avoid repeating the exact same things in every touch. There’s a fine line between generating buzz and annoying your potential audience, so be mindful of the perception and ensure you perform your touches in an informative, non-invasive way.

How Many Touches Does it Take?

The question of how many touches it takes varies depending on the type and size of the sale. In one event that I planned, I used 34 different touches over a 3-month period. An event hosted by Bill Glazer had over 900 attendees, and he spent over a year marketing it with 101 marketing touches. Generally, it takes more touches than you expect to reach your audience and motivate them to register for your event. Some people may take 30 touches – or more – to respond to your event.


Create a Map for Touching Your Audience

During marketing planning, sit down and make a spreadsheet of all of the different types of touches you can use to reach out to your audience in a series of columns. Then map out the period of time you’ll be promoting, and look at how many times you can use a specific touch in your  marketing. Keep the types of touches far enough apart that your audience doesn’t feel they are getting bombarded by the same types of touches over and over again. You can use the same type of touch twice, but use other touches in between to distance your audience from feeling bombarded by the types of touches you’re using. Don’t restrict yourself to online or print touches; using both gives you a greater chance of reaching as many people as possible and successfully touching your audience.


By reaching out and “touching” your potential audience, you’re creating excitement around your event.  Plan carefully and you’ll be sure to attract all the clients you want!

I’m hosting a webinar called ’7 Secrets to Attracting All The Clients You Want’ Join me! it’s free. Click this link to get all the details http://www.clientmagnets.com/7secrets

Some people are surprised to find out that closing is only the fourth step in the sales process. There are two things that are important in closing the sale. Firstly, you need to be really clear on what you are offering. People must fully understand what your products or services are about. Secondly you must make it easy for people to buy from you. Now the reason that the step on closing is so far down the line, is that everything that you have done leading up to point is actually going to help you with your close. What do I mean by this?

What helps you to close the Sale?

You may have heard me talk about getting customers to respond to your offer. It helps to create consistency. I am a big fan of Robert Cialdinis book on Influence. In it he mentions the powerful influence that consistency has on people's buying behaviour. When they respond in a certain way it is natural for them to continue to act according to that initial response.

So getting people to put their hands up to show interest in your offer as a first step is actually going to help you close the sale down the line. Your initial contact and your subsequent follow up's are all parts of an interaction helps you to build a relationship with your clients. Each time you speak to prospects or send them a message you are feeding them more and more information about your product or service. In time they will know exactly what you offer and why it will benefit them.   So when the time comes for you to ask for the sale, it becomes an easy decision for them. They have all the information, they know all about you and there are few objections left to overcome.

Another way you can make things easy for your customers is to be able to accept credit card payments. Set this up so that you have a merchant account linked to your website that can process transactions online. This means that you don't have to be there for sales to take place. They can happen automatically. An essential part of building an information empire is automation, having systems in place that can send out newsletters and responses without you getting involved. Think about it, if you had to remember to send out a message to a different client each day of the week, would you really get around to it, and would you send out the right message? Automating this process not only makes your life easier, it actually improves your conversion rate.

Tools for Closing the Sale

•       Get customers to respond to your offer and express their interest. When they initiate interest it increases the chances of them buying from you.

•       Interact with customers and build a relationship with them. People are far more likely to buy from people whom they like and trust.

•       Automate your sales process. Put systems in place that makes it easier for you to follow up with prospects and close the sale.

•       Set up a merchant account so that you can accept online credit card payments. This makes the purchasing decision much easier.

Many people think that closing the sale is the difficult part of business. But as I have just illustrated when you have strategies and systems in place, closing actually becomes very easy. Make clear offers to your prospects, give them a good understanding of the benefits of buying from you, and make it easy for them to purchase. These simple things can help you close many sales.

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