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If you are able to implement only one single marketing method for your business –   one valuable resource that can make the biggest difference in your business and your income – put out an email newsletter.

bigstock_Green_Newsletter_Button_5454497It won't cost you a lot of money. It doesn't have to take up a lot of your time. You don't have to know all the technical aspects of it, so long as you're willing to learn as you go along.   All you have to know is what you already know. Your business and your clients.

A newsletter is the most effective way to attract the attention of the clients you're trying to reach.

To get started, follow this sage advice from Julia Cameron, an adviser to writers: "Don't get it right, get it written."

Aiming for perfection can be a major stumbling block in getting your newsletter done. Maybe you're not up on the technology used to put out a newsletter. Don't let that stand in your way. Don't let the fact that you're not a Pulitzer Prize writer stop you either.

Instead, concentrate on the people you're writing the newsletter for and what they want to read.

The 80/20 rule is quite important here. Focus 80 percent of your attention on who you're talking to and figuring out what they really want to read. Later, you can spend the other 20 percent of your time on the technical formatting and how to send the newsletter out to clients.

Ask …
There is one vitally important question to ask yourself when thinking about your newsletter: "Who am I writing for?" You'll ponder long and hard about what you should write, but first you need to know who you're writing for.

Next, you need to determine what your audience needs help with. Once you've answered both of these questions, deciding what you should write about will come quite naturally.

Write …
Now it's time to just get started. Get your newsletter out of your head and onto a written page. Take some time to review your presentation, but don't obsess about how it looks. It's much better to have a plain newsletter with the right content than to have a beautifully formatted one that doesn't speak to your readers.

Stay focused on what it's saying to your audience.

Send …
If you spend a lot of time reworking and re-thinking your newsletter after you've written it, perfecting it and figuring out software, it's going to take you a long time to send it out.

Once your newsletter is written, you need to get it into the hands of your audience – your potential clients are just a click away. You can only make a connection with them if you hit that "send" button.

That is when your subscriber list will grow. That's how you'll start receiving more feedback and know what your clients want from you.

If you do only one thing to start marketing your business this week, make it an email newsletter. It will make a huge difference to your business success!

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If you have a great website that gets viewed by thousands of potential customers yet your sales do not reflect the same success what's the problem? Your large volume of enquiries is a great start but unless they translate into sales they don't mean much. What you need to have a closer look at is ways in which you can convert more of those leads to sales. Here are four simple ways to help you:

Tailor your Copy

Learning to write words that sell is a technique that can make a big difference to your sales conversion rate.   On a website the copy should immediately grab the reader's attention and make them want to learn more. The copy should resonate with them on a personal level as soon as they arrive on your web page. The copy should also speak directly to the prospective customers needs. It should show them how they can benefit from working with you or using one of your products. Tailoring your copy is a simple yet very effective way to increase your conversion rate of leads to sales.

Capture Visitor Information

A database of customers or potential customers is one of the most valuable assets a business can have.   Every person that visits your website or expresses an interest in your products or services has the potential to become a client. It is therefore important that you have mechanisms in place on your website where you can easily capture the visitor's information. One way of doing this is by using squeeze pages. Learning how to effectively implement squeeze pages in your website can help you vastly improve your conversion rate.

Different Ways to Follow Up

Traditionally most people think that a follow up is getting on the phone and asking for the sale. While this is true some of the time, there are many other ways that you can follow up with clients without directly calling or asking for the sale. Email has provided a convenient and inexpensive way to keep in touch with prospective customers. Learning to write emails that sell is a great way to improve your conversion rate.

The Power of Teleseminars

Teleseminars are a great way to start interacting with potential customers. They provide prospects with an opportunity to learn more about you, your business and what products or services you offer. It also gives them insight into the value that you offer and how they can benefit from buying from you.   You can use the teleseminar to explain specific items in detail. If customers have any questions you can respond straight away and other prospects can also benefit from hearing the Q & A. As customers get to know you they will be more confident about purchasing from you. Using teleseminars is great way to interact with customers and increase your conversion rate.

This is just a brief overview of four effective ways to increase your customer conversions. Each one of these techniques is covered in more detail in my free teleseminar series ’7 Secrets for Attracting Clients’. Find out how you can have access to the recordings.

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