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Many entrepreneurs, small business owners and other professionals find themselves focused on earning an income, finding new clients and the day-to-day struggle to survive.   Having enough income and cashflow to grow your business rapidly is not an uncommon problem.   I often hear people talking about their expected income for the next day, weeks or months ahead.   They focus on knowing where the next paycheck is coming from because they don't have enough confidence in their existing client base or cashflow.     They fear their income will dry up.

Have you ever felt like that?   If that sounds like you, then it's time to STOP focusing on your income.   It's time to start focusing on a long-term plan for success and diversification.   But how?   How do you free yourself from the day-to-day financial worry and really start to thrive?

The answer simply lies in starting your own high-end coaching program.     A high-end coaching programme (when designed and delivered the right way) will provide enough guaranteed revenue to enable you to stop worrying about money and be free to focus on your long-term success!

This is how the strategy works …

Sell Once a Year to Generate Guaranteed Revenue

• With your high-end coaching programme, if you market and sell the right way, you will only need to focus on the selling once and then you're done for the year.

• Create a program with a limited number of spots,
and you'll only have to sell long enough to fill those spots and then you can focus on serving your clients and creating alternate revenue streams.

• Create a program with a fixed time limit, such as my annual programme, and you only have to sell those spots once per year. Then you've got the commitment for the income, and you're free to focus on other areas of your business. No more worrying month-to-month whether you'll have enough cash for next month; with a high-end coaching program, you can earn enough money to free yourself up for other pursuits.

Free Yourself Up to Look at the Big Picture

One of the biggest benefits for you and your business of creating a high-end coaching program is freeing yourself up to look at the big picture. If you're like most people, you spend countless hours per week working on finding enough business, and the rest of your time goes to satisfying your existing clients. You never have time to think about the long-term plans for your business, or how to diversify your revenue streams.

Once you have the committed income of a high-end coaching program, you can stop spending so much of your time selling yourself and your services because you have a guaranteed revenue stream. Instead, you can focus on creating the other steps to achieve success in your business, and put together a long-term plan for your business!

In order to truly become successful in your own business, you've got to stop focusing on immediate income so you can begin to build a road map for long-term success.     Worrying about your day-to-day income is short-term thinking and can seriously hamper your long-term business success. When you start a high-end coaching program, you get financial commitments for a large portion of your revenue and begin looking at other ways to improve your business success.

So if you want to see an end to your day-to-day financial struggles and the beginning of long-term success, it's time to start your high-end coaching programme!

Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients. If you want clients calling you instead of you calling them, sign up for her free weekly e-zine at

There are many ways to become a client magnet. Here are 20 proven methods that will help you to achieve astonishing business results.

•      Carefully choose the niche that you want to be known as an expert at.

•      Learn everything there is to know about your declared area of expertise. Go through the experiences and learn the lessons, connect with a mentor and then put it into practice to be successful. Only then can you teach and help other people to do the same.

•      Pick something that you're passionate about; when you're passionate, that really shows through.

•      You will make a greater impact in a place where you genuinely have some value to offer.

•      Realize that you don't have to try to get every person you ever encounter to become a client.

•      Build your relationship with the people who have already "raised their hands" and expressed an interest in your product or service.

•      Focus your effort and energy on people who are pre-qualified to buy. It is more pleasurable to work with and for them than to try to convert people who will never be interested or will never be qualified to buy your services.

•      Approach your tasks with the right energy. A positive attitude will resonate with your clients; conversely, so will negativity.

•      Be a congruent model for success by focusing on and being committed to your prospects and clients.

•      Use one-to-many methods for connecting with clients and offering services, as much as possible.

•      Put systems in place to start building your list.   Then continue to grow and improve your lead generation systems.

•      Know the principles behind offering ethical bribes, such as a free report, and have processes in place to handle responses.

•      Incite a call to action by creating a sense of urgency for people to sign up with you or purchase your offer. Deadlines work well for this.

•      Don't underestimate the value of affiliates and joint venture partnerships.

•      Be consistent. Systematize and automate your process so that you can make money even when you aren't working.

•      Use articles, teleseminars and social media to increase your exposure and the perception of you as an expert.

•      Use quality software to build and maintain your websites and blogs.

•      Always offer an upgrade with every sale.

•      Build relationships by following up with the people you meet at networking events right after the event.

•      Offer something for free or do a product giveaway at an event, collecting contact information in exchange for entry.

Implementing just some of these strategies today will add many more prospects to your list and take you closer to a more profitable business.   When you've applied them all, you will be a true client magnet.

moneyIn your quest for a million dollars, would you rather get:

A) get $10 from 100,000 clients,

B) $100,000 from 10 clients, or

C) $1,000,000 from 1 client?

If you've chosen option C, one single transaction, congratulations for having great business sense. But for the sake of practicality, let's use the first two choices for a model of quantity versus quality.

You know that no single person can provide a service that's perfect for every potential customer. To further that sentiment, I'd like to suggest that no person can serve 100,000 customers as well as they can serve 10 customers.

It's simple math that results in the same $1,000,000 answer for both options A and B, but you, the business owner, benefit most from choice B.

It's no secret that valuable time is squandered when you have to exhaust yourself chasing a large number of clients. Wouldn't it be magnificent to be able to sit, give your attention to a few clients, and make the same, or more, money?

Consider the chain of benefits: More focus on individual clients leads to better results for those few clients; those clients will offer better testimonials; and those satisfaction ratings will attract more high paying, high quality clients. This a circular effect of good business.

Of course, your next question is, "How?"

Scoring those lucrative client relationships starts where all good business does – in the early planning stages, even before lead generation.

Think big before you attract clients. You can't skip this step, because if you do, you'll end up attracting small-fry clients, and when you present them with the top-quality, top-priced program, you'll fall flat.

Here's an example to explain: you're selling a top-notch software program targeted at high-end, complicated tax processing. If you market to general accountants, you might be netting prospects that do anything from A-B-C accounting services to intricate, full time gigs with top corporations. There's no doubt that you'll strike out with the majority of your audience. Accountants that make their living on Joe Smith's bread-and-butter will have no interest in a high-end product like yours. Instead, back up and find a creative way to market to only those accountants serving the best-of-the-best, super-corporations. They will be willing to pay what you're asking. They've been around for long enough to see the value in it, and are successful enough to be able to pay for it.

When asking for the big bucks, keep these things in mind:

• Before you bring people to your website, before you send out your newsletter, consider the caliber of your product or service, and match it to the caliber of client that would be most likely to spend the kind of money you're asking for. Do the research required to find these people, rather than spending time generating dead-end leads.

• Consider your prospects' mindsets. Do they have cheeseburger budgets and milkshake level businesses? Or do they have filet mignon budgets and crème-brulee-level companies? Which would you rather have? Know that fast food customers won't have the money, or the taste, for expensive steaks.

• Don't make quality an afterthought, or you'll have attracted prospects in vain. Aim high, and your prospects won't bat an eye at your price revelations.

Don't assume that high paying clients are high maintenance. Often, they're more understanding and less demanding. They have the experience that it takes to understand the ins and outs of the business world. They understand your challenges, and are more likely to allow you the freedom to run with your expertise.

Low-paying clients are often new to the business world, and may either indirectly (or directly) look to you for advice beyond the scope of your work, or spend too much time highlighting insignificant details.

Don't be intimidated by the lucrative account. Be drawn to it. Recognize it for the gold mine that it is – and for the quality that it can create for your business.

Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients. If you want to get clients calling you instead of you calling them, sign up for her free weekly e-zine at

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