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Are you thinking about starting a high-end coaching, consulting or mentoring program? If you've got years of accumulated knowledge, a top-level program can be a great way to share that information and help your clients achieve success. It may be time for you to stop running one-day programs and selling books and launch a top-level coaching program, instead. You can provide great results for your clients, and truly share your information in a significant way through these programs.

One-day workshops may be good for clients who have limited time or budget but want to make a difference in their business. In a one-day workshop, you can begin to create the foundation for a successful business owner to make a transition in the way he or she does business. However, a one-day workshop isn't a magic medium for you to create an army of happy, successful businesspeople. You can only share so much information through a one-day workshop, and you're essentially always starting clients out on the same basic level; they never progress past the techniques you can cover in a single day.

If you've accumulated a lot of knowledge about success in your medium, business or industry, you might consider selling e-books. E-books are typically a compilation of knowledge and techniques that people can use to work on their own and boost their business. E-books can provide a revenue stream, but they're typically limited in scope.

An e-book cannot begin to convey all the accumulated knowledge and business acumen of years in an industry or field.   Like one-day workshops, an e-book can help build a basic foundation for client success, but many clients never progress past that basic level of knowledge and technique contained in the e-book. This makes e-books great for introductory materials, but ultimately too limited to help clients achieve overall success.

Top-Level Coaching Programs are Great for Client Success
Top-level coaching programs let you really share your accumulated wisdom and business expertise with your clients on a basis that can help them achieve success. Unlike e-books and one-day workshops, a top-level coaching program typically enables you to work with your clients one-on-one to help them develop the skills and techniques specific to their field. You can help your clients set goals and achieve them with your expertise; you're not just leaving clients alone to blunder around and try to build on a basic foundation.

Top-level coaching programs provide clients with an ideal medium to move beyond the basics and truly grasp success. This is good both for you and your clients. If you'd like to help your clients achieve real results, it's time to move beyond e-books and one-day workshops and consider launching a top-level coaching program.

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Good marketers know they need to stay fresh in people's minds to be ideally positioned for that sale, or to form a good business partnership with a new affiliate. People try a variety of ways to stay in people's thoughts, both physically and on the Web. You may do article marketing, newsletters, email blasts, and media marketing to keep your Web presence fresh. Alternately, you may send postcards, letters, holiday cards, or even birthday cards to build relationships and stay connected with people physically. Most of these methods are getting old and tired, but forming good relationships enables you to connect with people in creative new ways.

Be Creative with Your Connections

Do you send out holiday cards every year to your prospects? So do most businesses. You don't stay fresh in people's minds by doing the same thing that everyone else does. Find new ways to be creative with your connections, and catch your clients' minds in a unique way. By forming good relationships with people, you'll have a fresh pool of creative ideas to draw upon to keep your relationships dynamic and unique.

Consider this example: Carrie Wilkerson spoke with my Mastermind Group and talked about how she uses social media to build relationships. Carrie mentioned that one of her contacts talks on Twitter every day about how he walks his dog in the morning. He mentions the dog by name, and even the type of dog. When Carrie wanted to make a connection with this man, she didn't just send him a note or a card; she sent a dog toy for his dog. She mentioned his dog by name, and found a toy that the dog would appreciate, based on the information that this man shared about his dog.

This showed the man that Carrie listened, and was interested in him as a person - not just him as a business contact. This is a fantastic strategy for solidifying relationships, and as a way to stay connected with people that will actually stay fresh in their thoughts. That man probably won't remember everyone who sent him a card, but he'll definitely remember the woman who sent his dog a toy.

Use Your Relationships to form Unique Connections

Your relationships with people provide valuable connection opportunities. By building good relationships, you set yourself up for opportunities you might not otherwise have. When you build a good relationship with someone, for example, you're much more likely to be set up with the friend of a friend as a new business contact. People are more likely to refer business contacts that they like, than pushy sales-oriented people who don't care about them as a person.

Use your relationships with people to form unique connections. Don't just be the sales person, or the person with the coaching product, or that consultant. Be a friend; be the person who sent the dog a toy, or the person who's always asking about the kids or the wife. By building these unique connections with people, you're getting into their lives in a real and meaningful way, and you'll be in their minds if a fantastic new business connection comes up, or if they remember that they know someone who might be a good match for your business.

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There are many ways to become a client magnet. Here are 20 proven methods that will help you to achieve astonishing business results.

•      Carefully choose the niche that you want to be known as an expert at.

•      Learn everything there is to know about your declared area of expertise. Go through the experiences and learn the lessons, connect with a mentor and then put it into practice to be successful. Only then can you teach and help other people to do the same.

•      Pick something that you're passionate about; when you're passionate, that really shows through.

•      You will make a greater impact in a place where you genuinely have some value to offer.

•      Realize that you don't have to try to get every person you ever encounter to become a client.

•      Build your relationship with the people who have already "raised their hands" and expressed an interest in your product or service.

•      Focus your effort and energy on people who are pre-qualified to buy. It is more pleasurable to work with and for them than to try to convert people who will never be interested or will never be qualified to buy your services.

•      Approach your tasks with the right energy. A positive attitude will resonate with your clients; conversely, so will negativity.

•      Be a congruent model for success by focusing on and being committed to your prospects and clients.

•      Use one-to-many methods for connecting with clients and offering services, as much as possible.

•      Put systems in place to start building your list.   Then continue to grow and improve your lead generation systems.

•      Know the principles behind offering ethical bribes, such as a free report, and have processes in place to handle responses.

•      Incite a call to action by creating a sense of urgency for people to sign up with you or purchase your offer. Deadlines work well for this.

•      Don't underestimate the value of affiliates and joint venture partnerships.

•      Be consistent. Systematize and automate your process so that you can make money even when you aren't working.

•      Use articles, teleseminars and social media to increase your exposure and the perception of you as an expert.

•      Use quality software to build and maintain your websites and blogs.

•      Always offer an upgrade with every sale.

•      Build relationships by following up with the people you meet at networking events right after the event.

•      Offer something for free or do a product giveaway at an event, collecting contact information in exchange for entry.

Implementing just some of these strategies today will add many more prospects to your list and take you closer to a more profitable business.   When you've applied them all, you will be a true client magnet.

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