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If you are new to the idea of giving talks you may not know where to start. Do you polish up your presentation skills and attend workshops on public speaking?   Do you sit down and hash out some marketing strategy? Do you send out emails to your existing clients? These are all valuable and important aspects of putting together a talk, but not necessarily the best starting point. Think about it logically. If you want to give talks you need to have an audience. How do you go about finding or creating an audience?

Start out with a Small Event

Many people think that in order to have a successful event you need to be speaking to an audience of at least 500 people. This is not necessarily true. A targeted audience of just 20 or 40 people can bring you some valuable revenue. There are other benefits to presenting to a smaller audience. A smaller event also gives you the opportunity to get comfortable in front of an audience. You can practice your presentation skills and find a rhythm that works for you. You also have the opportunity to test out different ideas, approaches and find out what gets the best response. Then once you have a successful formula you can aim for larger audiences.

Be Specific when Planning Talks

The more planning and preparation that goes into your event the more confident you will be when the time comes to stand up in front of an audience.   Not everyone is a natural speaker and can speak off the cuff. When starting out it is recommended that you create an event outline follow so that you don't miss out any important steps in the process. The chances are that you will be quite nervous to start with. If you rely on memory you could forget to tell the audience about your special offer or other key elements of the presentation. Being properly prepared will help you to look more professional and deliver a seminar more confidently.

Starting Points for Talks and Events

•       Focus on your audience. Think of how you can reach them and connect with them during your presentation. Think of what benefits you can offer them.

•       When starting out practice giving talks to a smaller audience. This will help you to develop a level of confidence.

•       Know what the objective of each event is. When you plan your talks know what outcome you are expecting.

•       Use whatever tools are available for you to improve your presentation skills. Attend speaking workshops or work with a coach if you feel that your speaking skills need improvement.

Trying a new marketing tool can be daunting, especially if it involves speaking in front of an audience. Sometimes it is helpful to take the focus off the actual presentation and focus instead on the business objectives of giving talks. These could be things like getting to know your audience, for example, or generating more business. Realizing the benefits to your business can help motivate you to seek ways of creating a successful event.

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What does consistency have to do with giving talks you may ask? How does it influence the structure and content of your talk? What does consistency have to do with how you present your offer at your talks? These are all questions that may come to mind when you read the title. When you start to understand the influence that consistency has on a person you will start to see the value in it. Let me explain.

The Influence of Consistency on your Audience's Thoughts and Actions

When you are giving talks you want to hold your audience's attention from start to finish. You want to capture their interest and get them to buy in to what you are talking about. When you consistently reinforce certain ideas you are planting seeds and watering them. Then when the time comes to ask for the close, your audience will be more ready to buy from you. The whole idea behind giving talks is to provide people with information. It is a sales presentation but it is disguised as education. You don't want to sell ideas to your audience. You want to feed them information so that they automatically take the next step towards buying your product. You want to subtly influence their decision to buy, and you do this through consistency. This is a principle that Robert Cialdini talks about extensively in his book on Influence. When people have a certain perception of themselves, they act in accordance with that perception. People who are fashion conscious will take an effort with their appearance and generally wear the latest fashions. In the same way business people that like to see themselves as being successful will always be looking for ways to maintain or improve on that success.   So if you appeal to those identities throughout your talks, starting with your introduction and ending with your offer, chances are your audience will take actions that are consistent with that image. You can use the influence of consistency to your advantage.

What you can learn about Consistency

•       Work towards having a consistent message throughout your talks. Each time you pick up on an idea or give an example to illustrate it you build on the central idea of your talk.
•       When you focus in on a particular idea or message you will naturally develop talks that have a consistent theme and message.
•       The more consistent you are in your talks, the more you will be subtly influencing people towards buying from you.
•       If you can consistently reaffirm identities that people have about themselves, you can influence them to act in accordance with those identities.
•       Consistency is a subtle way to reaffirm your sales message to your audience throughout your talks or seminars.

Become more aware about being consistent in the message you are putting across in your talks. Studies show that repetition is often necessary before people will adopt an idea.   Therefore the more consistent you are, the more influence you will have on your audience's decision to buy at your talks.

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