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M3 May 10 021If you were to stand up in front of your audience and just start rattling off a list of your achievements it may capture the attention of some, however you'll likely start to see the majority of your audience "nodding off" and falling asleep.

Yes, they want to know that you are qualified to speak on a certain topic, but they won't be interested in hearing you boast about your achievements. There are ways in which you can establish credibility without boasting. Here are some valuable tips on how to do that.

Be A Little Vulnerable With Your Audience

Remember the purpose of establishing credibility with your audience is so that they will listen to what you have to say. You want your audience to warm to you. So you can see why boasting about your achievements will really be counterproductive. Sometimes being a little vulnerable with your audiences and sharing personal stories has a far more powerful effect.

I have used this strategy myself.   When I first started out doing talks on cold-calling I would introduce my talk with a true story.     Did you know there was a point when I was told - "The problem with you, Bernadette, is you're just no good on the phone".   I was terrified of making a cold call.   I'd share with my audience this true, real-life experience.   My audience could see where I had come from and it very quickly helped me to establish credibility and their attention!

Of course, if you're going to relate a personal experience like that it is important to continue backing it up with evidence of the results you've achieved.   I would usually share some of the specific results I'd helped big companies achieve.

When you share information in this way you are not bragging, you are simply demonstrating to your audience why you are someone worth listening to. Think about how you would introduce yourself to a new acquaintance. You wouldn't immediately tell them how successful you are. If you needed to establish credibility you would be more subtle. You need to take the same approach with your audience at talks.

Keep Them Engaged with Useful Information
As you engage with your audience share your UNIQUE experience and knowledge.   You are an interesting personality with expertise in your field.   As long as you share of yourself from the heart and provide USEFUL information, your audience will naturally want to know more about you and your strategies.   Share you're real life success stories and show your audience how they can apply the lessons and mistakes you've experienced.   By doing this your audience will be inspired to change their current situation by listening to you.

When you're preparing to connect with your audience think about these questions below.   It will help you establish credibility with your audience without boasting them to sleep ….

•   Where have you come from – what obstacles have you overcome to be where you are today?

•   What results have you achieved or helped other people achieve?

•   What are some of your key learning experiences – and how can they be applied to your audience

•   What remarkable results have you achieved while working on specific projects or in certain areas of business.

Remember, people DO want to know who you are – but generally shy away from people continually talking about themselves and boasting about their achievements.     Weave these tips into your next talk or seminar.   By making small changes to the way you deliver your message, you'll see a BIG impact to the results you are achieving.   Remember, it's all about your audience not all about YOU.

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Loving your job?   Loving your business?   OR does it feel like you're still having to suffer through the more undesirable aspects of your work?   I once believed as long as you generally enjoyed your profession, and was rewarded for it, you would still need to take care of those elements and some tasks that you dislike doing.   Well, things have changed and this no longer has to be true.


In order to create the type of magnetism that attracts prospective clients to you, you must find that one thing that you're inherently intended to do and eliminate the rest.   With so many resources available to every one of us, there really is no excuse to continue to do OR continue procrastinate on those things we hate to do. But, you might ask, "How can I find that one thing I'm meant to do?"   You can start with your current business.   Here's how:

•      Make a list of all of the tasks that you're responsible for in your business.   Often, it can be hard to call up every duty, so it can be helpful to keep a daily log.

•      Assign a love factor to each task.   Is it your favorite?   Do you want to do it first every day because it makes you feel fulfilled?   Or is it the one you detest?   The one you try to avoid?

•      Isolate the tasks that you detest and ask yourself if those tasks can be eliminated.   Can you redesign your business' purpose to cut them from your routine?

•      If the detested duties are necessary duties, start, right away, to find another way to get them done.   Hire someone.   Automate them.   Anything that will eliminate the negative energy from your daily repertoire.

If this process has been completed efficiently, you will be left with one main task…the one that you're absolutely wild about.

The laws of positive energy dictate that you'll be paid more for those tasks which you enjoy the most. Once you can figure out what you're good at, and do that thing exclusively, you'll realize more success than you had when you were bogged down doing all of the other false necessities.

Another point to remember is though many of us would like to believe that our business lives and our personal lives can be maintained separately, with a definitive line dividing the two, it's nearly impossible to isolate them.   If there are things in your personal life that drag you down (laundry, cooking, cleaning), then do what you can to justify hiring someone to do them for you.   The positive energy that you'll create in your personal life will spill over into your professional life, multiplying the magnetism that you create.

Just loving your general profession or business is never enough to warrant truthfulness from the statement, "I love my work."     In order for your magnetism to be IRRESISTIBLE to potential clients, you must love every aspect of your business, even if that means whittling it down to one, exclusive task.

Do what you love, and only what you love…and others will love the idea of becoming part of your magnetic field of success.

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Social networking platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, give you a powerful new tool for connecting with potential prospects, clients, sales leads and new business partners. Because of the nature of social networking, successful social networking is about more than just creating a marketing campaign and sending it out into the ether. Social networking is a social process, and it works best when your personality shines through to your social networking contacts. With the right techniques, you can build your personality on social networking platforms and improve your social networking success.

Offer Advice: One way you can get real personal, real fast with your contacts is to offer advice or even just sympathetic comments. Listen to what people say, and respond to them even when it's not related to your business. This is a fast and easy way to form personal connections with people, which can lead to unexpected business opportunities. Additionally, by offering advice or sharing information about related things in your life, you're letting people find out more about you as a person and letting your personality shine through your social networking.

Share Personal Information: Share personal information via Twitter and Facebook. For years, people have had distinctive mindsets of "this is business" and "personal is for friends." Let your business contacts be your friends, too. When you share information about your diet, or struggling with the conflicts of being a parent and business person, you're sharing personal information that lets other people see that you're not just a faceless business - you're an individual.

The things that you share might resonate with your followers, and give them a reason to keep following you beyond your business information. People are also more likely to refer friends to other friends for business opportunities than to faceless strangers, so if you and your business can become a friend, you'll get more business opportunities.

Find Ways to Blend Business and Personal: Find ways to blend business and personal updates. If all of your updates are personal, your followers who aren't particularly interested in your business might just go away. If you share personal information, too, your followers may be interested in you as a person and continue to follow, even if they don't find your business particularly interesting.

By blending business with personal updates, you can share information about your business without being blatant. For example, you could say something like "Going to Ireland to speak for business, and taking my husband along as an anniversary gift." This lets people know that you're a successful business person who travels and speaks, but also shares information about your personal life - that you and your husband have an anniversary.

Be Genuine: The most important thing about sharing your personality through social networking is to be genuine. Don't give fake updates tailored just to get a reaction from your followers; be forthright and honest, and people will respect your integrity. If you let your personality shine through to your social networking followers, you'll find yourself with a bigger pool of followers, which potentially gives you more business opportunities.

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