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We all have a certain turning point in our lives.   For some of us, that turning point comes when we've hit rock bottom and we have nothing more to lose.

It's your choice -- give yourself permission to turn the corner and head towards success.

My turning point came to me months into striking out on my own.   I had proposals out, making the rounds, I was choosing between putting petrol in the car and buying groceries and I had no money coming in.   My family was starting to question the decision I had made to strike out on my own.   I tried to be Miss Positive and had a few quotes from positive thinking literature waiting in the wings for a response to their questions.

At that point, I had nothing to lose.   It was €˜do or die' and I planned on doing.   But I had to change my ways, I had to take stock of the situation.   I decided I was just no longer going to tolerate nor suffer the typical things that weren't working for me.   At that point, I had to give myself permission to dismiss much of the advice that had been given to me to establish my business.   It just wasn't working for me.

Now you may think your traditional sales experience is just what's needed for your business, but I'm here to tell you that it's not.   What's worked in the past when you had a salary coming in is not what's going to work for you once you've struck out on your own.

Now, I had to hit pretty close to rock bottom to see this.   I had to actually tell myself that it's okay to throw out what was not working for me.   What I need to stress to you is that you do NOT have to reach rock bottom to get to this point.   Take stock of your situation now and give yourself permission to make the changes that are going to make your business successful.

Some questions that you should ask yourself at this point are:

•             What am I doing that's working to bring money in?

•             What am I doing that's not working to bring money in?

•             What can I do to reach more people at once?

What I did was I ditched the traditional selling, the one-to-one marketing methods that weren't working for me and I pieced together a whole new marketing and selling system.   But, it didn't happen overnight.   There's no miracle cure being offered.   Things will change quickly, but it won't be overnight.

So what I'm telling you is to give yourself permission to make the changes that are going to make your business successful. Be prepared to throw out the old methods and bring in the new.   You don't have to hit rock bottom to do this.   This isn't a one-time super-duper effort that offers immediate transformation.   But through a series of steps and manoeuvrings, you will see results quickly and you will see improvement straightaway.

Just don't wait until you hit rock bottom to start!

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Wouldn't it be great if you could fast track along the road to success?   Do you want to know how to do this? A simple way is to follow the lives of other successful people. If there is one thing that is certain in life is that everyone makes mistakes. Even the most successful business people have made wrong decisions at some point in time. The difference is that successful people learn from their mistakes and turn them into something positive. In the same way they can be great as mentors. You can learn from their experiences, especially the positive ones that have made them successful.

The Bad, the Ugly and the Good News

As a business owner you will no doubt have made some mistakes along the way. I know that I have and in the process I have learnt some short cuts, some ways not to do things, and what things have the most impact on my business. As a business person I have experienced some of the bad and the ugly. I may be working just three days a week and have a million dollar business now, but I didn't start out that way. My road to success has involved me having to overcome numerous obstacles. Personally I think I have probably overcome every obstacle you have ever faced or are likely to face. Each one of those has given me a renewed perspective and strategies for continuing to move forward. For you this is the good news. It means that you can learn from my experiences without having to make the same mistakes yourself. The strategies in the programs are based on solid experience. They can give you results, just as they have for many of my other clients. Buying into a business community can give you access to mentors and people with a vast depth of business experience. They can be your encouragement and support when you are facing challenges.

Benefits of Working with Successful People

•       Successful people often have high energy levels and this can be contagious. Their excitement about ideas and strategies can spur you on to achieving your goals.

•       Successful people have proven strategies which can often be applied to other similar businesses. This can help you fast track your business success.

•       Being part of a business community provides you with encouragement, support and accountability.

•       As you learn from more experienced people so you too can start developing your own strategies that other people may be able to benefit from.

•       Following proven strategies helps you to avoid common pitfalls and can speed up your business success.

•       Being in a business community allows you to interact with others who have had similar experiences and who understand the challenges of running your own business.

Even though you may be in business on your own, it doesn't necessarily mean that you have to figure out absolutely everything on your own. Becoming part of a business community can give you access to valuable information, strategies and business tactics. Using other peoples proven success can help you to get on the fast track to achieving your goals.

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Imagine this: You receive word that a special event, hosted by a world-renowned expert, is being offered.   This grabs your attention because you've been wanting, for a long while, to expand this area of your business.   You'll need to pay to fly to the far-away city; pay for lodging, meals, cab fares…plus, of course, the enrollment fee for the workshop.

YOUIn all, you tally that the total cost will come out to about $10,000:   a lot of money; a real leap of faith, you think.

Nevertheless, you reserve your spot, buy your plane ticket, and book your hotel.   Once you arrive in the booming metropolis that's hosting this grand event, you have about ten bucks in your pocket – not even enough to score a cab ride to your hotel.   So, you end up on the bus, shoulder-to-shoulder with other down-trodden individuals, lamenting your choice and knowing that you'll be taking full advantage of the buffet breakfasts at the hotel and the lunches at the training program (because there won't be any money for nice dinners).

You've gotten yourself into a tough spot, right?   You've spent what's practically your last dollar on something that may or may not work to boost your business.

But let's consider the rest of the story:

The information that you gather in the three days you spend at the seminar enliven your spirits; you fly back home knowing exactly how you'll tackle your next hurdle; you have a plan for boosting profits; the professional advice you've gotten is unlike anything you could have anticipated.   Specifically, you leave knowing exactly how to offer high-end coaching programs.   You'd wanted to tackle this for a long time, but hadn't the knowledge or the confidence to do so.

One year after the workshop, following the launch of your new high-end coaching program, you tally your profits from the coaching portion of your business at over $300,000.   Suddenly, riding the bus, skipping dinner, and fretting over the "mistake" you'd made seem silly.   What's $10,000 compared to $300,000?   A drop in the bucket, to say the least.

This specific scenario is only a hypothetical, but I have heard similar stories in real life.   Here's what you can learn about investment versus cost:

Firstly, don't think in terms of cost. As long as you can afford to lose the initial investment, and the investment is something that has the potential to boost your business, push the initial dollar amount out of your mind.

Secondly, concentrate on the investment's potential. Sure, the cost might be significant, but what future earning potential will it uncover?   Do you anticipate a return on your money, and if you do, how many times over will you cover the initial cost?

Thirdly, and in summary, when you make an investment in YOU, the cash is never lost…it's simply redirected. The money might have moved to a different sector of the economy, but it's not gone.   You will always be able to identify what the money earned for you:   experience, hindsight, and knowledge with which to move forward to the next investment opportunity.

In order to grab and hold onto a millionaire mindset, you must open your mind to investment possibilities.   Next time you're faced with a decision to invest, rather than saying "It's too much," consider asking yourself, "What's it worth?"

If the answer outshines the question, then don't hesitate to invest in your most valuable commodity:   YOURSELF!

Bernadette Doyle is a marketing specialist who helps entrepreneurs become client magnets and attract a steady stream of their ideal clients. If you’d like to receive invaluable tips and advice on how to attract clients with ease, register at

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