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Do you know what the most valuable page on your website is?

It's not your "About Me" page. It's not your "Testimonials" page.

It is the page where people give you their contact information and purchase your products or programs. That is the goal of your business.

To achieve that goal, you need to get people to opt-in. Nothing else can happen until they do this.   That is why the design of the page where they opt-in - your squeeze page - is so important.

Getting your prospects to hand over their contact info isn't always easy, but if you focus on your squeeze page set-up, you will successfully obtain client information, build your list and make sales.   Use my tips below to maximize the effectiveness of your squeeze page.   These strategies work!

•      Make your homepage a squeeze page

To get maximum results, make your squeeze page your homepage. This will lead to a significant increase in your opt-ins and in your list.

•      Model successful squeeze pages

To get ideas for your new home page, model other successful squeeze pages. Look at other people's pages with new eyes. Emulate the elements that make them successful while using your own unique copy that speaks to your own target audience.

•      The important information should appear within the browser window

The pages that are most attractive give the most important information at the top, without having to scroll down. Everything your visitors need to see should appear within the browser window in front of them. Don't make them have to "lift a finger" to find the best of what you have to offer.

•      Use headlines and bullets to present your message

Announce your best information in the area that most people notice first – the headline. Develop a headline that will grab your visitors' interest and get them to stay online to hear the rest of your message. Use a prehead and a subhead to deliver your best copy.

Successful pages don't include one long paragraph of copy after another. A successful squeeze page presents its best content as great mini headlines in a bulleted format.

•      Make big, bold promises

Use numbers within your bullet headlines. State that you're going to solve problems. Make big promises in your bullets. You've done the research, campaigns and surveys to determine what your target audience wants, now highlight that information in your bullets.

•      Make a personal connection

Your target audience want to know who you are.     Don't keep your personality a secret. Make your squeeze page personal. People buy people. Although we're all speaking virtually, on Twitter and on teleseminars, people want the personal human connection.

They want to know you. They want to see the person behind the site. At the very least, include a photograph of yourself. Add audio and video to increase the personalization.

•      Use a thank you page

Don't lose that personal touch once your visitor has opted in on your squeeze page. Your thank-you page is a great place to further your relationship and offer your new client even more. You could make another sale just by asking for it on your thank-you page.

•      Remove Navigation Bar and Banner

There are a couple of web page staples that should not appear on a successful squeeze page. These items do nothing to help you get people to opt-in. So, strip out the navigation bar and ditch your banner. They should not be on your squeeze page.

•      Test, measure and improve your conversation rates

Make sure you test and measure your conversion rate on your squeeze page. Find out how many visitors are actually buying into your offer. Regularly measuring your conversion rates will tell you what's working and what isn't on your page.

When you apply at least one of these tips, and you will see an improvement in your conversion.

Make a checklist and work through it. Improve your squeeze page one component at a time and you'll be in a much stronger position – I promise!

Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients. If you want to get clients calling you instead of you calling them, sign up for her free weekly e-zine at

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Bernadette Doyle

Looking for an opportunity to shine from the depths of the direct mail slush pile?

Though it might sound a bit cliché, everyone, even those of you who feel encumbered by a limited budget or a relatively small business volume, can do that.   Whether you're sending out 10 pieces of mail per week, or 1,000 pieces, you can not only entice people to open your mail, but you can keep their attention with a creative, lumpy insert.

Maybe you have, at times, felt intimidated by the "big boys" – the companies who have thousands or millions of dollars to spend on direct mailing.   But, despite what you might have come to believe about these huge corporations, you actually have an advantage over them for creative direct mailing.   If you have an inventive idea for lumpy mail, you don't have to sit in countless meetings with marketing committees, pitching your idea, enduring criticism, and perhaps, ultimately, having your idea shot down.   You are your final decision maker.

When you're creative with your lump mail insert, you can spur your recipients to action.   Here are few examples to stimulate your imagination:

• If you're intent on helping companies and individuals to find their own hidden treasures, you might consider including an old-fashioned scrolled treasure map with your promotional letter.

• If you consider a message to be of the utmost importance, you might want to stuff it into a bottle before mailing it.

• If you're hoping to entice inactive customers to fall back in love with your company, you might insert a boomerang with a message like, "Boomerangs always come back, don't they?"

• If your company has a mascot, you can have a lovable likeness of him or her reproduced as a lump.

• If your company helps people to find resources, for instance, you might want to include an ornamental needle-in-a-haystack.

• A complete comprehensive service might be accompanied by a small, silver platter and the statement, "I'll give you everything you need for start-up on a silver platter."

• Fortune cookies can be purchased, complete with customized messages inside, that deal specifically with your purpose or promotion.

If you're stumped for lump ideas, there are resources that can help.   Two examples are and   There, you'll find lots of creative ideas for lumps.   Maybe you want to announce a promotion, invite inactive customers back to the fold, broadcast an upcoming campaign, publicize a grand opening, or announce a new product or service.

Simply using bulk to create a piece of lumpy mail will, indeed, prompt people to open the envelope, but if you want to stay with them for longer than it takes to empty your promotional pen of ink, or to use that pad of custom sticky notes, you'll want to put some innovative thought into your lumpy insert.

Make your mail memorable with creative lumps…because when your lump is specific to your purpose, and unlike any other lump, it deems you memorable, worthy of the call or the click, and the investment.

Bernadette Doyle specializes in helping entrepreneurs attract a steady stream of ideal clients. If you want to get clients calling you instead of you calling them, sign up for her free weekly e-zine at

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