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Price objections will be a thing of the past when YOU start valuing what you're offering. Here's how...

Most self-employed people struggle at some point with the issue of setting their fees. Set your fees too high, and you could price yourself out of the market. Set your fees too low, and you'll put yourself under pressure as profit margins get squeezed.

But how can you tell if your prices are high enough? Do you know what YOUR break-even cost per hour is? Most people don't, and that's a common problem for those of us selling services. If you don't know your costs of being in business, how can you determine a realistic price for your services? A price that allows you to get ahead, not just tread water.

And, once you've established your price, how do you convince clients to pay it? Well the first person who needs to be convinced about your price is YOU. If you aren't convinced that 'you're worth it', then you will unconsciously transmit that uncertainty to your prospects and clients too.

The problem I see time and time again is that people consistently undervalue what they have to offer. In fact they are often quite unaware of the true value they deliver to their clients. Instead they set their fees based on what the majority in their industry charge (and given that most people in their industry are already undercharging, that just creates a vicious cycle).

So the first thing for you to realize is that you CAN charge higher fees. I'm willing to bet that you could easily be charging at least 10-25%, even 50% more than you are today, and not just that, have customers GLAD to pay your higher fees. You can charge fees based on the value you deliver to your clients, not the time you spend. The fact is there are clients who will willingly pay what you're worth, if you know how to present your price.

So I've created a new programme called 'How to Charge What You're Worth and Get the Fees You Deserve' that will both help you establish the right price to charge, and more importantly convince YOU - as they say on the L'Oreal ads - 'you're worth it!'

Then you'll discover how to present this price to your clients so that they're convinced that you're worth it too!

This programme gives you the knowledge, skills and confidence to ask for - and get- the fees you deserve. By the end of this programme, you will feel supremely confident about raising your prices. You'll never undercharge again!

In this programme we'll cover setting your fees, how to test whether your prices are high enough, how to convince clients of the value you are offering, how to raise prices without alienating existing clients and customers, how to attract new clients who are willing to pay your higher price, and more.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll learn:

...And Much More!

As you can see this complete programme provides you with everything you need to raise your fees with confidence. As always with any Client Magnets product or service, you'll get much more than you pay for.

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How Much Is All This Information Worth to You?

What would just a 10% increase on last year's revenue mean to you? £1000, £2000, £3000, £5000, £10,000?

If you raise your fees by just 10% as a result of this programme, then that's what this programme is worth to you. But with the confidence, skills and knowledge you get from this, you may decide to increase your fees by 25%, 50% or even double your fees!

Gary made hundreds of pounds the very next day!

'Bernadette, I really enjoyed your talk & found it far too relevant to my business approach.. Unfortunately I could see myself in virtually all of your scenarios: loss leaders, discounting, under pricing, working with the wrong people etc, etc. So I went to a meeting yesterday armed with a 'Client Magnet' approach & a quote that hadn't been lowered by my need for cash!

It worked, I got the job & didn't budge on the price. My attitude was that he should want to work with me & be willing to pay the price & likewise me with him. He obviously hadn't expected to pay as much as my quote, but never the less he wanted to go with me & had made his mind up. Thanks to you, I probably made several hundred more than I would have done!'

Gary Batchelor, INet100 Ltd

In terms of what this programme can do for your business, it easily has a value that runs into hundreds of pounds. But getting you to raise your prices is something of a personal crusade for me, so I've decided to offer this programme for only £49. This tiny investment could easily show you a return within hours of downloading, so you'll really be making more money IMMEDIATELY.

'I purchased the report and audio 'Getting the fees Your Deserve' - and covered the cost with the very next client I saw, and it has enabled me to review my price structure across the board.'

Laura Berridge

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Order now, and you'll get instant access to the entire programme. You'll receive a comprehensive 80 page manual and 90 minutes of audio packed with tips and insights. Just 90 minutes from now you will be equipped with everything you need to ask for - and get - premium prices. Compare this small investment with the hundreds you have spent on your training so far. Is it worth an extra £49 to ensure that you get properly rewarded for your skills and expertise?

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Bernadette Doyle

Bernadette Doyle