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Join This Exciting Programme and Get Intense, Spoonfed Doses of My Marketing and Success Secrets Each Month via Phone, Internet and Mail.

Success will follow when you become a member of this growing, dynamic community of like-minded business owners

Dear Friend

My Marketing Mastermind is a special members’ group I’ve set up to provide ongoing information, support and motivation to people who want to attract more clients and build a successful business. Already over 450 members strong – and growing – we want YOU to join us and have more success, money and fun in your business.

Just take a look at the successes our existing members are already having..

Made 400% of target turnover

Catriona Brand

"In just five months my business has grown far more quickly than I had hoped. I learnt so much from Bernadette ranging from the power of free reports to get people to opt-in, through autoresponders, shopping carts, information products, sales letters and so much more. Within five months my list now has over 1,000 people on it and is now growing by around 50 people a week. I am currently selling a single type of product – mock exam questions – and in March 2008 I made 400% of target turnover."

Catriona Brand

Unprecedented Results

"The email went out last night at 10:15pm - there were 7 bookings within the hour. And as of 1 hour ago it is now up to 33. The organisor has never seen this happen before - normally they get a maximum on 15 people book with 10 - 12 turning up."

Melina Abbott

Monthly income increasing

"Since implementing Bernadette's tools and techniques, our product and service offerings are stronger and we have a clear on-line sales structure.   Also, since joining the Marketing Mastermind group earlier this year, our monthly income has steadily increased, and last month was just under 30% better than March. Meanwhile in the last financial year, on-line sales have accounted for 34% of our income."

Neil Fellowes and Jo Ball

Got the confidence to charge more

"Before I started using Bernadette’s ideas and strategies I did have a web-site already – but had gone down the classic ‘subscription’ based web-site route. I had also written an e-book which I had put on for £9.99 and had sat back waiting for the business to happen! Of course it didn’t because I was not building a list of potential customers, no-one knew who I was and very few were subscribing or purchasing my e-book in the numbers required. Today my business looks completely different - I now have 1,400 members across both web-sites (900 on 'confidence caddie' from 120 initially) which has grown to that number since putting it on line in the New Year. Traffic is up and rising, so is my Google ranking, and my database is growing daily. I have also had the confidence to charge more!"

Gail Smirthwaite

It really is working!!

"I sold an eBook Bundle, advertising on my newsletter AND my first proper physical product, my 'Fill Your Practice Home Study Course'! So, I have really taken on board all that Bernadette is sharing with us and it really is working!!"

Lorraine Hamilton
Client Attraction & Success Coach

List is growing by 100 subscribers daily

"'There were several ideas I took away from your course especially the importance of building a list so I have focused on that and built two new businesses, and my own list is now growing by at least 100 subscribers a day, which are turning into clients. Once again, thank you."

David Salmon

Raised my profile to 'expert status

"Since implementing Bernadette’s strategies and ideas I’ve held two workshops and a masterclass. I’ve also developed my squeeze pages and my list has increased from 200 to 728 since the beginning of this year. The biggest benefit of all is I’ve raised my profile much more quickly. The “expert tag” is definitely coming along for me. This year, I’m chairing the National Project Management conference for the PMI – so it’s meant that I have a high profile!"

Penny Pullen

Getting 60% conversion rate

“I'm getting a 60% conversion... I have started posting of some specialist forums, one of which I offered my free download to grow the list, it is early days in as much as I only have 30 people so far from that posting, but my shoppingcart tells me that I'm getting a 60% conversion, I believe this is good!"

Roger Thorpe


Here’s What You get Get When You Join Us

1 Live Monthly Masterclass with Bernadette and Other Mastermind Members

Each month’s Masterclass is a time-efficient, concentrated mega-dose of ‘what works’ in advertising, marketing and sales for people just like you. Please don’t underestimate how much of the hard work has already been done for you. You don’t have to spend hours reading or listening to materials, invest thousands attending seminars or trainings, or put your own money on the line to try out new marketing techniques. I burned the midnight oil, spent hours studying the manuals, attended the seminars, put my own money on the line testing new ideas, refining them, until I was able to dismiss the fluff, jettison the irrelevant, discard the red herrings and avoid the dead ends so you don’t have to.

This makes it possible for me to deliver to you the ideas and techniques that you need to know right now. What I am able to pass on to you in this members’ group is the result of years of study on my part, thousands spent attending seminars, literally hundreds of thousands of my own cold hard cash on the line as I tested different marketing approaches.

Here are just a few of the topics we’ll be covering in 2010:

*Finding Your Hungry Crowd*
*Video Marketing Secrets*
*Systems Secrets*
*The Millionaire Mindset*
*Get Published Now*

Please note these calls are not a fluffy overview of each topic, but instead a detailed training with step-by-step, proven strategies and case studies to help you on the way to success!

‘Increased client base’

"I'm looking forward to each of the mastermind classes. You seem to be offering an option that allows me to continue to sell my time for the work that interests me the most, but also sell my expertise to potential clients who may not have the work I want or who can't afford to pay my rates.”

Jo Ann Sweeney FCIM FCB


‘Unlocked all kinds of ideas’

‘I have been carrying around since the call like a bible (How To Present Your Price Handout). It really was the Ah Ha moment for me and has unlocked all kinds of ideas... Loving the calls - it's so simple when you listen and of course take action!!’

Sharon Olive

2 Online Networking Forum

In between calls, you’ll be able to connect and network with me and other members via my online Marketing Mastermind Forum.

Inspirational speaker Jim Rohn says that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with, so it’s important to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction as you. One of the key things that helped me catapult my business over the past 18 months was joining a mastermind group myself. Do not underestimate the power of association.

My online NETWORKING forum will allow you to connect with people just like you who are SERIOUS about transforming their businesses. You’ll get support, encouragement and who knows what joint venture opportunities may arise by connecting with other like-minded members of this group. We have a very active group and it’s amazing to see how resources, ideas and encouragement is shared. Whatever marketing challenge you are facing right now, there’s a good chance that another member has the answer.

You'll have INSTANT ACCESS to this private members area as soon as you register.

3 CD Recordings for Each and Every Call

You’ll also get CD recordings and of each and every call shipped direct to your door each month I don't know about you, but I find that digital files can get 'lost' on my computer. It's nice to have something 'to have and to hold'. That's why I'm going to send you a recording of each monthly call on CD too.) And of course, receiving that package in the post each month will be a gentle nudge reminding you to keep focused on your marketing goals ;-)

4 Monthly Step-by-Step Action Plan Guide to help Implementation

Each month you’ll also receive a step-by-step ACTION PLAN GUIDE for each topic shipped to you alongside your CD so you have a plan that easy to follow and IMPLEMENT. This will ensure that you take ACTION on all the great ideas you’ll discover as a member.

5 'Members Only' Print Newsletter
Members Only Newsletter Delivered monthly with your CD, this is designed to give you maximum results for your investment of time. This includes success stories and examples from our members, a round up of the best resources featured in our online forum, plus extra articles published EXCLUSIVELY here. (These articles are NEVER published online. The only way to see them is by receiving our ‘Members Only’ newsletter.



‘Getting so much value in our business’

‘I purchased your book and got a lot of information, but didn't think I needed the membership site. So after the free trial I decided to cancel, which you guys did for me. However in the meantime I noticed my business partner rewriting everything and getting much better results! She kept coming to me with ideas and new information, which I discovered came from you! So after cancelling my membership, I'm resubscribing since we are getting so much value in our business and putting lots of ideas to immediate use. Thanks for all you do’

Michelle Vandepas

So how much does all this cost?

You should know that my mentoring clients have paid as much as $15,000 – so a price tag of $1,499 for this programme would not be outrageous.

But my main motivation in creating this programme isn’t money. The fact is, I want to help as many business owners as possible, by connecting you with the resources, strategies and techniques that really work.

When I think about all the months that I suffered, feeling frustrated, wondering why I was doing ‘all the right things’ and yet still not getting the results I wanted (and deserved), and then finally discovering, that by simply changing a few things, I could TRIPLE my income over a 12 month period – I want to share how I did it with as many people as possible.

I really feel that I’ve discovered ‘the missing piece’ – and now I want to put this vital know-how into YOUR hands.

That’s why I’ve settled on a price tag of just $97 per month. Honestly, I know this is a figure far lower than this programme is worth, and certainly a lot less than I personally invested to discover this information for myself.

But I’m pretty sure that keeping this affordable for you will pay off in the long term. I’m certain that when you get a taste of my strategies and techniques you’ll be ‘hooked’ – and will probably invest in my other programmes and trainings.

But you won’t be obligated in any way. And because there is no minimum monthly commitment, each month the onus is on ME to deliver. I know that you’ll only stay in this programme if you are getting the ‘goodies’.

So, are you ready to take YOUR business to the next level? If the answer is YES, then choose ONE of the following:

‘Pay as you go’ at just $97 (no minimum commitment, cancel at any time)


(BEST DEAL) Join the “Stepping UP!” programme and get a whole load of extra bonuses

So, you decide. Is this the year you FINALLY master these business strategies that are proven to help you double, triple, maybe even quadruple YOUR income?

In just a few short months from now YOU could be the one reflecting on your record year, and marvelling at what you have accomplished. Start today.

So register now, join us, and don't kick yourself later for missing out!

I’m excited to help you make this your BEST business year ever.

Best Wishes,

Bernadette Doyle

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