Success Stories

The critical skill for breaking through the million dollar mark and beyond

'As a million dollar income acceleration coach, I've helped many business owners break through the million dollar mark and beyond. During that time I've noticed that the critical difference between those who soar and those who struggle is the ability to bring on new clients. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the most important areas to master if you really want to thrive. And if you are serious about mastering this area, then you should look no further than Bernadette Doyle'

David Neagle

From zero to £100,000..

Katharine went from zero to £100,000 in just four months!

Katharine Dever

Purpose, passion and profits!

The best thing is my feeling of happiness, contentment and the feeling that – at last – I am doing what I should be doing, what I really feel passionate about. I always knew I was best being my own boss and doing what I want to do. Now I'm doing it. My whole general feeling of satisfaction and well-being is immense.

Catriona Brand


I tripled my price and quadrupled the value and got my first VIP client

I decided to put together a package that felt far more congruent with what I wanted to offer my clients- implemented what Bernadette said and decided to offer a smaller number of people a really fantastic 1:1 program. I have been procrastinating about this since January and wasn't sure why, but suddenly realised my price point didn't feel right.

So I put together a package priced at £15,000, quadrupled the value of the £5000 programme, and sent out invitations to a strategy session to just a few of my favorite clients. And on the fourth one- the client said yes!!! I can't even begin to tell you how great it feels to be able to start working in a really intensive way with a client I know I can do my absolute best with - knowing she's going to get multiples in return on her investment. Can't wait for my first session!!!

Nicola Bird

£35,000 payday

Lisa made £35,000 in sales of a mastermind programme at her event

Lisa Turner


A £10,000 Client Within Days...

I followed all the techniques taught by Bernadette and within days closed over £10,000 in business with a NEW client!

With the inspiration that Bernadette has given me, I have since developed my own Information product to help managers get the most out of their staff, and quickly gained expert status in my field.

Yvonne Bleakley

One 30 minute session returns £3,000

Today I spoke with Bernadette regarding her VIP Mentoring programme - I mentioned that my problem was cashflow.

She set me a challenge to 'sell' £3,000 by the end of today - and I have! Amazing - I was able to turn a 30 minute session with Bernadette into £3,000 in one day!

Wendy Howard


Tripled Our Income This Year

We have tripled our income this year because of the things we've learned & implemented from you. You really have been instrumental in our growth this past year. Last Sept you told our group that you were making a million dollars... woohoo!

We took your business model and applied it to ours. In May you opened up Steve's mind to think bigger and we have been on a roll all summer. You encouraged him in a way that I could never encourage him. Unfortunately, I sound like the nagging wife when I offer an idea :-):-)<G>

Thanks so much. I can't tell you how much I appreciate you in our lives & our business.

Steve & Kerry Beck

Just landed a £75,000 contract!!

'I've just launched a year-long sustainability leadership and development programme for museums professionals, and I'll be earning £75,000 for the programme!!!'

Rachel Madan
Greener Museums

£60.000 within a month!

'I've been thinking, talking and working on launching a continuity program for over a year. It started out as a plan for £47 a month. Then it transitioned into £97 and £147. But I kept feeling I didn't want to bother with the administrative nightmare of a continuity program, so I made it into a yearlong program for £1,500... and still felt extremely nervous about launching it, and reluctant because I wasn't sure I would be able to be of real value with this program. After a conversation with Bernadette, I decided to add value, increase my price, and work with fewer clients. I'm able to offer people something of real value, and have a lot of the work done by other people because of the set up of the program, which gives me time to develop other stuff. I'm so excited! Just wanted to let you know what's possible ;-).'

Linda Spaanbroek

Turned my business around from £20k a year to over £100,000

'My standard wedding planning packages started at £3000 and I introduced a super deluxe package for £9000, yes, three times my usual rate! It was scarey stuff and I was convinced no one would go for the package but when I introduced it in the June I sold 2 of these packages within the first months! Just 2 sales brought me the revenue the work of my usual 6 sales!!!!

The biggest benefit is that it made the whole thing of getting new clients much easier - it was no longer an arduous task of chasing customers, it became an automated system that got me clients with no effort at all. The changes I implemented turned my business around from 20k a year to over £100k and also enabled me to sell that business last year (for a nice sum I can't disclose! lol) to spend more time at home working ever more effortlessly!'

Claire Dobinson
Bombshell Academy

Combining all the strategies together gets results!

When I first joined Bernadette's Mastermind Group I listened to the material. It was when I started applying it that I experienced huge results. I can't say it's any one thing in particular but a combination of putting all the strategies together.

After taking the leap and creating a squeeze page just as Bernadette laid out, my client opt in status increased by 30% first try. And when I applied the "selling from your seat using tele-seminars" tactics! I turned my opt ins into paying clients. This all happened in just one attempt. Membership truly has it's advantages. In deep gratitude...'

Cheryl Roose


An £18,000 Pay Day!

I had my first ever big payday! I generated £18,000 from a small workshop that was marketed to a select few clients, and everyone signed up for my 12 month VIP programme- 100% conversion rate!

I must say a huge thank you for getting me off to a flying start after attending your 3 day workshop and also as a continued (quiet) member of the Marketing Mastermind Group.
You have generously shared so much information which has made a huge difference to my business success.

Allison Marlowe

Not Bad for a Few Hours Work...

I started to apply Bernadette's strategies and ran a local seminar one evening about online marketing, as a test.

I had nine delegates, who each paid £37 plus VAT to be there, I marketed my new (and at that time non-existent!) 12 month coaching programme 'Online Secrets for Local Businesses' at a pilot price of £ and two of the nine bought it, followed by two other referrals after that - not bad for a few hours work! Bernadette - it works - and I have still only written half the programme!!

Jo Dodds

The only program that delivers

I've purchased several programs that promised to make me money in the past, but yours is the only one that's actually delivered'

Julie Ann Jones

£30,000 in just 8 days...

Thank you so much Bernadette!!!! After applying your strategy for my continuity program for this year, I am amazed.

My target was £17,000 and the result so far is £30,000. It only took two pitches to fill the program. If this is only one of many income streams that you have in mind for me WHAT A YEAR THIS IS GOING TO BE!!!! Thank you so much again.

Moira Geary

Increased My Income By 40%

Since joining Stepping Up in December I've been busy implementing the strategies Bernadette teaches and I'm seeing RESULTS! I have put my prices up and have never been busier.

I am promoting my public speaking audio more consistently and getting sales every month. Bottom line is that so far, I have increased income by 40% Stepping Up was a fantastic investment for me and I really appreciate the information and support that comes from the forum.

Tracy Mason

I Won £40,000 Worth of Business Via My Website Alone!

'I went through my own recession a year or two before the UK got theirs... a colleague recommend I check out Bernadette's strategies. Wow! What an inspiration - Bernadette really lifted me out of the fug I was in and helped me to see I needed to update my communication business to make it suit the new 21st Century way of doing things. I need to build my profile online and get slicker at marketing. I updated my website and database and began marketing online in earnest. I took on a personal coach, and business has been steady–even booming at times– ever since. I even won £40,000 worth of business via my website alone without meeting the client face to face! Without Bernadette's motivation none of this would have happened. Thank you so much.'

Karen Kimberley

My First Big Tickent Sell

I'm still reeling with excitement, since yesterday, after converting a prospect on to my £3k 3 month group coaching programme which starts in September!!

When I joined Stepping Up just 2 days before Bernadette's 3 day weekend I would never have guessed that two months later I would have such clarity about my business model, my strategy would be so much easier than what I had been doing until then, that I would have a high end coaching package and that I would have converted someone on my fourth ever strategy session!!!

Bly me! I've got to lie down again.

I've spent two years trying to make a business from the product funnel strategy I learned. I was about to throw in the towel as I was exhausted, wasn't making any money and had depleted my finances trying to get this online business going – and along came Bernadette and literally turned everything upside down. I had some major mind shifts on that 3 day course as well as clarity about what I was going to do.

I didn't have a sales page for the coaching, my payment method wasn't sorted but I just started putting the word out to my list and offered a free strategy session. Two weeks ago I offered my first strategy session and yesterday on strategy session number four it happened &emdash; ching, ching!

I now know that I am well on my way to big success, doing what I love, making a difference for my clients in a way that is totally congruent with who I am and being able to live the lifestyle I want.

Thank you so much Bernadette for turning my world upside down!

Susanne Jorgensen

My income rose by over 260%!

I am a huge fan of the Client Magnets approach and have been following Bernadette for several years. After implementing the Client Magnet tips my income rose by over 260%. My therapy business is now my sole income – something many therapists believe is impossible to achieve!

And since having my son, I have been able to go back to work on part time hours but earning the same full time wage (by having passive income from my ebook, and also setting my prices are the right level and having a clear discount structure and not offering adhoc discounts which I used to do far too much and it undervalued my work).

When new therapists ask me for advice on how to get more clients, I always tell them to find a specialist area they want to work in, and market to that niche. It takes a giant leap of faith, but the results are amazing! Thank you Bernadette, I am so pleased that I 'met' you so early on in my career.

Sarah Holland

Sales of $75,000 so far – it's just the start

Bernadette has helped me package the Internet marketing and traffic generation techniques I have taught myself over many years and which I have used to consistently sell well over £1M online per annum into my "Traffic Magnets Programme".

She has given me the confidence to get on a plane to the USA and sell the above-mentioned Traffic Magnets Programme from the stage, having never personally sold anything before – never mind from the stage! I then repeated the process in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. Sales stand at nearly $75k.

I already have a waiting list of students for next year and have been invited to speak at another 'big names' workshop. By employing her copywriting techniques, I managed to attract an audience of 103 Public Sector buyers to a master class which I delivered at the Barbican Center London (Green Travel 2009). To put this in perspective, there were several master classes running during the day and none of the others had even half this number. These were serious buyers who had paid £800 per ticket to attend. We expect to pick up at least £100,000 of incremental business in 2010 on the back of this 45-min session – we've already had over a dozen follow-up enquiries as a result of the closing techniques Bernadette taught me. I've got a better ROI with Bernadette than ANY other business mentor. Any money which I have spent has been recouped many, many times already and this is just the start.

Peter Bennett

A 45x increase in sales..

Since implementing Bernadette's business building methods, we now have a list of 2500 subscribers. Our on-line sales have steadily increased from about £100 when we launched in March 2008 to £4500 May 2009.

Since the launch of our new site in April 2009 we get about 150 visitors to our site per day.

Hannah Vallance

First Corporate VIP Signup

Whoa I am over the moon literally! I completed the How to Get Clients Now Programme in December and quoted my first potential client for my VIP programme for executives wanting to get promoted. He had to get approval from 3 directors. It's been signed off today! My first ever 5-figure single contract, £8K to be precise. I am so over excited. thank you Bernadette and fellow H2GCN and also everyone at the London event in January! I know this is just the start and a lot of hard work is still a head of me, but I'm on the road.

Jennifer Baker

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